October 2017

The Fall is here which is a great time to turn our attention to studying. On that note we recently welcomed our new diploma students. They quickly began forming connections with their fellow students in the general studies group.

All the teachers enjoyed working with this great group who have diverse work, life experience and philosophical backgrounds.

Next up are the certificate programs starting with Astrology in October 2017 and then the new year begins with Wise Woman Within, Earth Spirit Medicine, Crystalline Gemstones, Tarot and in February Applied Metaphysics.

For more information scroll down to our calendar and remember if you are not interested in a full program many of the courses within a program (space permitting) as well as our general studies can be taken individually.


Practical Potions

Laurie Szott-Rogers

We are just dipping our toes into creating online courses at Northern Star College. Our first e-course is a certification course in aromatherapy. This comprehensive e-course reflects over 25 years worth of our teaching in this subject. It is part-one of a two part, diploma program.  Go to Practical Potions

One of the reasons people are drawn to aromatherapy is to create with scent. With some knowledge and curiosity you can change everything in your life, from the way you clean your home, to how you brush your teeth. Instead of relying on commercial products, you can create your own.

One simple and effective recipe involves making your own toothcleaner.

Here is a recipe you can try. Feel free to modify it according to your tastes, after you get the recipe down. The original recipe was submitted by one of our recent graduates, Laura. We have modified it slightly. We of course like our line of essential oils- Scents of Wonder J for your product choice.


1/2 cup of organic coconut oil (antimicrobial, whitens teeth)

1 tsp Neem oil (prevents growth of bacteria/yeast)

3 TBSP Baking Soda (aluminum free) (breaks down stains, rebalances pH)

10 drops peppermint and essential oil (freshens breath)

5 drop myrrh essential oil (prevents dental infections, cankers, gingivitis)

3 drop cinnamon bark essential oil (optional) (freshens breath)

Add pearl-sized drop to a dry toothbrush.

Helps to keep saliva alkaline – essential for healthy enamel


Stir very well. Blobs of essential oil, may be aggressive to the skin and mouth, so make sure it is all thoroughly mixed.


Do not use this recipe on children under the age of 10, as peppermint might cause an adverse reaction in the young. Do not use essential oils on anyone sensitive, allergic, epileptic, or pregnant.

We have hundreds of recipes in the Practical Potions Course, dedicated to helping students create a healthy, unique life-style.


Want to learn about Earth Spirit Medicine follow the link

The Year in Review

 Catherine Potter

We are just coming to the end of a year filled with precarious balance. Political drama as well as natural and human disasters were at the forefront.

From an astrological perspective there was an emphasis on cardinal signs which typically are indicators of a driving type of energy that can potentially get people going in new directions.

Some years, movement in new directions happen with greater ease however this past year wasn’t one of them. Why? For those of you who aren’t astrologers imagine each one of the planets represent a type of energy. As they move around their orbits they create either flowing, tension producing or neutral patterns with each other.

Jupiter, which stays in an astrological sign for a year, is the planet which relates to growth, goodwill and expansion. It has been in the sign of Libra from September 2016 through October 2017. Libra is about mediation, partnership, fairness, balance. Simple right, the opportunity to grow in the previous qualities.

So what happened? First, we all respond to different energies according to our perspective/ worldview. Second, nothing acts alone. As Jupiter transited through the sign of Libra it formed a tension producing connection with Pluto (the dismantler) currently in Capricorn (power, authority figures, tangible structures).

It then faced off with Uranus (erratic energy with possibility for breakthrough) which is currently in the last part of Aries. Aries potentially is pioneering but in certain individuals becomes too “I” focused.

Jupiter made other aspects but for the purpose of this article I will stick with the cardinal points I previously mentioned.

In plain old English what came to the forefront were leaders and groups who brought to the surface what happens when the “I” becomes more important than the “we” as well as what happens when progress is sacrificed for the retention of the status quo and power.

Ideals, ideas and the potential for progress clashed with fear, selfishness, and prejudice all symptoms of feelings of lack regarding safety and abundance.

In other words, the principle of abundance and harmony met with fearful humans. The result was a lot of shouting about “if you have this there is not enough for me to have that” and some of the people in powerful positions fed that tension and fear. And we the little people chose sides.

However, even though it is not yet apparent progress has been made. Balance cannot be achieved before we have some measure of self awareness meaning as well as our ideals for goodness and fairness we need to see what sits beneath the surface of our polite face.

We all have shadow (what is not seen and unowned within us), we all have prejudice, we all have fear and areas where we feel a sense of lack. We tend to not notice those parts of ourselves until something disrupts our life.

The past year allowed us to see the above themes played out on a global stage. (By the way fellow Canadians pay attention to what is happening around the influx of refugees and the current budget.)

If our desire for inner balance, harmony and truth was strong enough, in the privacy of our homes, we owned our shadow.

Coming face to face with uncomfortable feelings regarding lack and prejudices allows for true growth and progress. Once we have we can acknowledge the less noble parts of our self and choose to not repress nor act on them.

In hindsight what do we do with a year that has left us jagged? We learn from it. We realistically look at roadblocks that inhibit our personal and collective growth and then working together we find solutions.

Maybe we thought we were further along but this is where we are. We are perfectly imperfect humans finding a way to live a higher vision yet not denying or disowning our fears.

Looking back from the Fall of 2016 through Fall 2017 there has been not only movement and disruption but the possibility for real progress and growth.

The next chapter in our growth evolves over the rest of 2017 and 2018 which has a different flavor to it. Let’s stay connected and committed to finding solutions that promote safety, harmony, fairness and prosperity for all.


Want to learn more about Astrology click here

Restful Sleep With Gemstone Spheres

Skye MacLachlan

Gemstone spheres bring calmness and harmony to overactive minds.  These spheres are especially helpful for children who have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.  Although this article describes how to use gemstone spheres with children, it’s equally effective for adults.

Place a round sphere shaped gemstone on the floor under your child’s bed – locate it beneath where your child’s head rests on the bed when sleeping.  Don’t be concerned if your child moves around on the bed during the night, as long as you place it beneath where she begins her sleep.

It’s important to let the child choose the gemstone sphere that he/she is drawn to.  Honor the child’s choice.  You might even ask your child which stone might help him to calm down and fall asleep.

The size of the sphere should be based on the size of the child’s hand.  Their hand should wrap around it like a ball, with the thumb just touching the middle finger.  It can be slightly larger than this but avoid going smaller or a lot larger.

Also, purchase a matching smaller tumbled stone for your child to hold while falling asleep.   This is a special stone that can only be held at bedtime.  It’s okay if it falls out of his/her hand during the night.  It will naturally move to the area of the child’s body that is in need of its’ energy.

Once a week wipe the sphere and tumbled stone clean with a soft cloth, follow this with a 24 hour sea salt cleanse.  To do this cleanse place both stones in a bowl of sea salt, set this bowl in the same location under the bed (directly beneath your child’s head).  Use about one inch of sea salt in the bowl and rest the sphere and tumbled stone on top of the sea salt, don’t bury them.  They will stay in the bowl of sea salt beneath your child’s bed for 24 hours.  This will clear away any negative energy that the stones have absorbed.  Once the salt clearing is complete, flush the sea salt down the toilet and resume the usual way of working with the stones.

Want to learn more about gemstones click here 


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