The Earth Spirit Medicine, Herbal, Aromatherapy, and Flower Essences Program

Live Courses are no longer available. Stay tuned for an update. We are currently revising our online Aromatherapy (Practical Potions) Courses. An updated version should be available, in January 2024. The Herbal component of the program may also be fully online at a later date.

Learn about plant medicine and bring this skill into your life. The herbology and aromatherapy courses provide a knowledge base of plant properties and techniques for using herbs and essential oils. There is a strong emphasis on regional plants, in the herbology modality. The Flower Essences stream emphasizes personal growth, interviewing, deep personal transformations, and working with clients. Connect with the higher intelligence of both plants and clients, by integrating intuitive skills.

This program will be delivered online.

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*Introductory and Advanced Aromatherapy, (Practical Potions), in years two and three of the Earth Spirit Medicine Program will be available as online, e-courses, after January 2024. .

All Courses with *** behind them indicate they can be taken individually without being enrolled in the whole program if space allows.

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Program Overview

Year 1

Instructors: Robert Rogers & Laurie Szott Rogers

Earth Spirit Start Date: Online only, possibly, Sept. 2024. The exact components of the program have not yet been decided upon.
Diploma General Studies:
Year 1 –

Year 1:
168 hours Certificate (No)
231 hours Diploma (No)

Wholistic Physiology & Nutrition (C)

Starts- TBA
Instructors: Robert Rogers and Laurie Szott-Rogers

Get to know your body in a wholistic way. Wholistic Physiology is a fresh new approach to body function more aligned with today’s understanding of chaos, string, and fractal theories.

The Wholistic Nutrition aspect of the course will focus on overall healthy eating. Food, after all, is our best medicine. Green smoothies, dehydrated food, bean power and fermentation will be explored.

Herbology ***  (C)

Start Date: TBA Online Only, except for plant walks, which will be in person.
Instructor: Robert Rogers

The bulk of year one classes will focus on herbology. Become familiar with the plants in this region. Use what’s local to maintain or promote health. Body systems, such as the heart, kidneys, and liver will be discussed. Topics include herbal properties, constituents, and energetics. Herb walks and plant identification will be included. Robert has written a unique series of books on the body systems and regional plants, developed for this course. Students will be required to purchase these books, to deepen their studies. Students will create “condition cards” on all of the plants studied.

Sacred Circle (D)

Date: TBA 3.5 hours
Instructor: Laurie Szott-Rogers

Learn how to create a safe and facilitative environment for group and client work. Participate in an egalitarian circle, where power is shared and everyone has an opportunity to voice their feelings. Practice skills of focused listening and non-judgement.

Journaling (D)

Date: TBA 3.5 hours
Instructor: Laurie Szott-Rogers

Write to deepen your personal conversation. Articulate and keep a record of your feelings and changes with this time-honoured practice. Write to share your journey with classmates.

Wild Crafting, Plant Walks &  Medicine Making *** (C)

Starts: TBA

Instructor: Robert Rogers

Learn to identify, harvest and wildcraft plant material. Wear clothing appropriate for walking in nature. Make tinctures, salves and other plant medicines.

The Magic of Regional Mushrooms and Medicine Making (C)

TBA 21 hours 
Instructor: Robert Rogers

Learn about some local mushrooms, how to locate them, and their gastronomical and medicinal uses. Wear clothing appropriate for mushroom hunting. Continue with with medicine making.

Herbology ***  (C)

Pre-requisite- year one of herbology and completion of first-year condition cards.

Start Date: TBA
Instructor: Robert Rogers

Besides year 2 online studies
Work experience: 70 hours
Thesis: 25 pages – in lieu of 49 classroom hours

Robert mainly uses regional herbs and delves into how these herbs relate to body systems. This is a continuation from introductory herbal, (i.e which herbs to use for the skin, brain etc). His 15 books on the body systems will continue to be emphasized. Students will also learn about herbal combinations and herb and drug interactions. There will be some time spent on clinical practice, and each scholar will gain experience through case studies; as well as theory, on working with clients including children and seniors.

The Practical Potions, Aromatherapy Apprentice Ship Adventure** * The On-line, Introduction to Aromatherapy (C)

(Study at your own home. Once students purchase this course they can create their own timetable). Students will need to block off, at least 77 hours of time in their own schedule to do complete this information and project-rich course.
Instructor: Robert Rogers and Laurie Szott-Rogers

Learn about the properties and uses of more than 90 essential oils and over 45 carrier oils.  Home study students, take this e-course, any time you wish, in the comfort of your home.  A true olfactory adventure. 

Earth Spirit Students- Practical Potions, Schedule. Includes a trip to a farm to distill oils on Sunday, Sept. 12, 2021. The rest of the online course is scheduled to start January 2022.

Subtle Elixirs for Deep Yearnings- Flower Essences, *** (C)(Maybe)

7o hours- Online
Start Date: TBA
Instructor: Robert Rogers and Laurie Szott-Rogers

Most of us suffer from the pain caused when our deepest longings remain unheard. Our bodies as well as our emotions may repeatedly manifest illness until the true message of our distress or yearning is understood and addressed. Dr. Bach an English physician from the 1920s developed flower therapy to help his patients with recurring health issues. He felt the root cause of their suffering was not listening to their deeper “dis-ease”, and not living their true purpose. Dr. Bach revealed flower essences shed light on the emotional and soul issues, not addressed in conventional settings. He developed and used these vibrational elixirs to open stuck patterns and unheard emotional and spiritual centers.

What You Will Learn:

A new way to view and address client issues.
The properties and use of English, Healing Herb essences, some of the Californian Flower Essence Societies, flower remedies, the Canadian Prairie Deva and Mushroom essences.
Interview skills to get to the bottom of what is causing discomfort and “dis-ease” in yourself and your clients.
How your yearnings and pain are messages indicating which flowers may benefit you.
How flower essences fill in gaps other healing practices do not address.

Develop Skills-
Assignments focus on personal growth and will include, experiencing the flower essences, interviewing class partners, writing up your insights and transformations, working with clients, and sharing your journey and insights through a class presentation.

Course Details
Flower Essences is an online, self-learning experience.

Here is what some former students say about flower essences

“Flower essences are the closest I have ever come to being able to wield true magick. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to go through a whole life without the gifts and insights of this deeply powerful kind of spirit medicine. I have been illuminated by my experiences and believe that by sharing this gift I can only encourage light in the most elegant, graceful way possible.”  Jenn L

“I believe emotions, thoughts, feelings, are the foundation of our dis-ease, which can manifest as illness. Flower Essences can bring awareness to the roots of those states so we can work through them and grow. By changing our perceptions of our past experiences we have the potential to bring about sometimes profound changes and growth.”    Christine R.

“By taking the purest, highest vibration of a positive quality, anything lesser must surface and be released. In this way, the deepest healing takes place through an alchemical process of transformation. The lead in our lives, our thoughts, our hearts, ourselves is transfigured into gold- our true essence.” Connie S.

Plant & Mushroom Walks & Identification– (C)


Student Thesis, & Projects- (C)

49 Hours; Student Completes on own time.

*Note- Becoming an herbalist is a lifetime commitment. You will receive some training at this college, but to certify with organizations like the American Herbalist Guild, about 600 extra hours, will be required, separate from this Earth Spirit Medicine Program.

Iridology Introductory-*** (C) (Maybe)


Instructor: Robert Rogers

The history, iris anatomy, constitutional and subtypes, pupil tonus and iacuna will be studied.

Student Thesis, & Projects-(C) 

49 Hours; Student Completes on own time-

To gain certification all projects, assignments and payments must be completed.

Council of Beings, & Graduation (C)

TBA 7 hours

Graduation, for Students  –
Instructor: Robert Rogers and Laurie Szott-Roger