How Our Programs Work

students - northern star collegeThe Northern Star College of Mystical Studies offers a 3-year diploma program in Integrative Therapies. The diploma program includes all general studies courses and either the AstrologyEarth Spirit Medicine or Crystalline Gemstone Therapist Program.

Astrology and Earth Spirit Medicine may also be taken as certificate programs. Tarot, and The Wise Woman Within-Intuitive Counselling Program are also available, but strictly as Certificate programs. Certificate programs do not include the general studies, integrative Therapist hours. Certificates allow you to be certified in the modality you study and complete, eg. Astrology, but, unlike diploma programs do not provide Integrative Therapist status.

Northern Star’s program schedules are conducive to work or a busy schedule.

In order to ensure that all students receive the time and attention required to support their education and growth courses in the diploma program will commence every 3 years.

** Courses /workshops (with asterisks) may be taken as interest courses without enrolling in the program. Please note all courses that are part of the diploma program will be taught only once in the 3-year period.