Mission Statement

To provide a nurturing environment in which the student has an opportunity to focus on self- development, enhance their intuitive ability, and learn specific skills in their area of study. To provide the student with theory and practice in intuitive counseling methods that relate to the whole person.

To encourage and support a pragmatic approach to the mystical arts, with techniques that are simple and useable; to add soul back to that which has been stripped of meaning and add spirit and mindfulness back to our homes and lives.

The Dove Tale – A story about the Northern Star Totem

In 2004, Laurie and Robert were enjoying a walk in Mill Creek ravine. They were in a state of waiting, uncertain if there would be enough enrolment in Northern Star to allow the college to manifest. They stood on bridge 33 (a goddess number), discussing it. As they chatted a beautiful white dove sat down calmly on a railing, waiting long enough for Robert to take a picture. This felt like a good sign to them and they finished their walk in a state of peace. When they arrived home Laurie drew a tarot card from the fairy deck and got Bridgit, Celtic queen of fairies. A write up on Bridgit mentioned that seeing a dove was often a sign of her presence and suddenly the experience on the bridge (Bridgit) made sense.

Laurie went down to get the mail and enclosed was one more deposit from a student, enough for them to know the college would run that fall. They felt Bridgit, triple goddess of poetry, healing and midwifery and her totem the dove blessed the college by drawing the right students. Both Catherine and Skye also had personal connections to Bridgit, making the goddess and her peaceful bird special to them all, and giving her a place as a Northern Star celestial helper.