Who is This For?

Our guess is that your life looks good from the outside, but on the inside, you feel like something is missing. We bet you’re a bit like Jenn.

Jenn loves her family and friends but has always felt a bit out of place. Their way of living and thinking doesn’t quite resonate with her. While her brother is enjoying a steak and reading his financial portfolio, she’s on a nature walk, picking herbs. She’s more drawn to the fringes of society, places and people who think outside of the norm. Lately, she’s interested in delving deeper, exploring and understanding who she really is and how this journey inward might manifest in her outer world. She doesn’t have all the answers. It’s the vast inner exploration that calls to her.

On her bedside table, she’s got a stack of books on healing, ecology and ancient wisdom (not to mention her guilty pleasures of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Narnia) and shelves full of others she keeps meaning to get to. Someday.

When she looks out at the stars at night she swells up inside with this deep knowing that there’s a perfect order to things, a deeper spirit at work – but she finds it hard enough to get through the day – let alone divine the will of the gods. And, most nights, just before she falls asleep, she finds herself wishing she could just leave the Muggle world and go off to Hogwarts. Just to get away from it all and learn. She wants a year in a cabin in the woods to just drink down the wisdom in those books. Or find an elder to mentor her.

Not that many of her friends or family would understand.

Deep down, she knows she’s on the planet to contribute some of her particular genius and wants ways to develop and hone her natural skills and gifts. And she’s beginning to feel a bit apprehensive, frustrated, confused and impatient about it.

She’s also increasingly aware that her years in high school and college have left her without the development of her intuition or the ability to trust herself. Some days she feels rudderless and has difficulty navigating her life or work situations.

She wants to feel alive.

She’s not quite sure why she’s so unsatisfied, and can’t put her finger on it . . . or even clearly voice the alternative she’s craving. But something feels . . . not quite right.

And maybe she goes through a big transition: retirement, job loss, illness, relationship break up, or a life changing insight.

But then it happens.

A friend introduces her to a holistic healing modality or perspective that makes a huge difference in her life. Despite all her reading, she is unsure at first but the more she looks into it – the more “drawn” she is.

She sees her friends suffering from years of shame handed down, feeling trapped in lives that don’t feel authentic or meaningful and she wants to help them. So much. But she knows that to really help them she needs to engage in her own growth – she can’t help people walk down a road she’s not walked down herself. And it feels overwhelming.

But, as she applies this new knowledge to her own life – she begins to notice changes. Her health improves, her relationships get better, she’s better able to set boundaries and she is feeling more and more at peace. And then one day it occurs to her, “this is what I’ve been waiting for my entire life.”

And then a light bulb she goes on. A lot of people seem to be making it as wholistic practitioners and coaches . . . why not her? She could do this for a living!

Our guess is that, for you to be reading this – you’re somewhere in that story.