What We’re Looking for in our Ideal Students:

NSC might be for you, if you’re committed to . . .

ATTEND – our classes are experientially based. Of course, being human, we can have a hard time getting our assignments in on time, having to do homework, or taking the risk of doing presentations in front of others. That’s natural. And we want students that are willing to invest the time and try new things.

APPLY – Are you drawn to apply this kind of material to your life? Are you curious about these things and find you are already exploring these topics?

BE MINDFUL – We welcome people who are in a place in their life where they are ready and able to be mindful about how they share what they learn and experience. Courses like this can be transformational. And when you begin to work with people, it can stir up their lives. People must be ready to integrate this; as a result the practitioner must give advice only when requested.

DEVELOP – Central to the work of Northern Star College is the process of developing a deeper and deeper relationship with their intuition. A relationship where you can learn to understand the messages and act on the advice it gives you. Science is amazing, but matters of a mystical nature provide meaning and connection. Learning to understand your intuition and integrate it with knowledge creates powerful personal solutions that you’ll never find in any book, workshop or guru.

CREATEAt NSC, we believe that the future is not written in stone, but that the daily choices we make determine our future. We welcome students that embrace and are excited by the notion of creating their future – even when it’s so very different than how their past has been. We offer much experience and education, but these skills may not encompass everything a student needs. For example we do not offer business courses, or how to write a paper. We are pleased to refer students who need these extra skills to other teachers, or sites that offer this information. We welcome students that are willing and excited to create what they need for the future they want.

RISK – There are hard parts involved in personal transformation and taking responsibility for our lives. We can come up against parts of ourselves that we don’t like. And it’s easy to shut down, or get trapped in blaming others. Neither path involves the risk of growth.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE – We equip students with the information and experience they need to make their lives shine. This impact on their lives and community excites us. We welcome students who are not only excited about their own personal growth but about creating a finer and brighter world for everyone. We believe that as people learn to honor their own self-knowing and gain knowledge about their wholistic field they may make positive change in their lives, which ripples into their families and their communities. And we believe that, when we are intentional about this contribution the impact is even greater.