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Diploma Program –

Welcome to Practical Potions Aromatherapy, Online Apprentice Ship Adventure Program. This online program has recently been revised. It is a fully online aromatherapy program. It is offered in two parts: Introductory and Advanced.

You may now achieve a certificate or diploma in aromatherapy anywhere in North America. The diploma is earned when the Introductory Certificate Course and the Advanced Practical Potions Apprentice Course are completed.

Take a Peek at the Two Apprentice Ship Adventures:

Level 1 Practical Potions


Level 2 Practical Potions Advanced

Program Director:
Laurie Szott-Rogers

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Program Director:
Robert Rogers

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Level 1 – Practical Potions

The first level Practical Potions, Aromatherapy, E-Course, Apprentice Ship Adventure is a certification program.

Explore the pleasurable and healing art of Aromatherapy. Bring potent and disinfecting aspects of essential oils into your home and toss out the harsh chemicals. Heighten your creativity as you learn to work with natural plant extracts and save money! The recipes and assignments will help transform routines such as brushing your teeth and bathing into “scentual rituals.” Create simple potions from toothpaste, foot rubs, and room blends. You will learn about the properties of essential oils and develop your expertise to create what you need. You will require a desire to learn and be willing to devote time and attention to your studies.

You will receive an equivalent 70-hour college course with detailed write-ups, short videos, exercises and a journal to help guide your journey. Course completion will result in certification in introductory aromatherapy.

Course Modules

Dive into the Practical Potions, Aromatherapy, E-Course, and Apprentice Ship Adventure modules!

  • Scenting the Scene- and Introduction- Learn an aromatic language, get an overview, and experience the magic of diffusion.
  • Chemistry- Get grounded in the science of the makeup of the oils.
  • The Scent Impressions Sheet:
  • Sniffing the Oils- to –Access, develop, and keep scent memory
  • Learning the Properties of 90 individual oils – the tools to give you the knowledge and build expertise
  • The Lamiaceae Family- The Devas of Versatility!
  • Transformational Step: Create a Toothpaste or Toothpolish
  • Create a Lavender Deva Pillow Mist
  • Make A Fabulous Foot Bath-
  • Learn and create some massage, bath, and shower recipes:
  • Massage Blend- Healing Touch-
  • Baths – the Healing Waters
  • Transformational Step- Liquid Luxury – Soap for the Shower-
  • The Lauraceae Family The Devas of Healing
  • Ravensara Chest Rub-
  • The Council of Plants and Devas
  • Working with Plants and Essential Oils Intuitively
  • The Dorothy Maclean-Plant Attunement Technique
  • Magi of Home Scents
  • Become a Magi of Mood
  • Potion for Home Scent.
  • Toxicology-Introductory Brew Your Potions Safely.
  • The Myrtaceae- Devas of Breath!
  • Tea Tree Hand Cleaner
  • The Genie of Cleaning- Simple Recipes to Create Sparkle
  • Spray Bottles
  • Creating A “Scentsational” Car Blend.
  • Coniferae-The Forest Devas
  • Baba Yaga’s Simple Furniture Oil
  • Distillation-
  • The Wizardry of Creating the Elixirs
  • Compositae- Devas of Calming- Create Calming Chamomile Salve
  • The Geraniaceae Family- Devas of Beauty.
  • The Enneagram
  • Burseraceae- Devas of Spirit
  • Spirit of the Temple – (Diffusion Blend.
  • The Gramineae Family-Devas of Grounding
  • The Zingiberaceae Family- Devas of Spicy Soothing-
  • Carrier Oils- Plant and Vegetable Oils- The Alchemy of Dilution and Enhancement-
  • Carrier Oils Help Address Skin Issues Such As Acne –
  • A Simple Mix for Aging Skin-
  • Hair Elixir-
  • Gentle with the Wee One-
  • Faery Baby’s Skin Oil-
  • Introduction to Creating Practical Potions & Perfumes.
  • Medical Aromatherapy- Introduction
  • The Interview Template-
  • Practically Magic- Good Questions Lead to Clear Responses-
  • Aroma Lab- “Scentual” Magic – Creating the Aromatic Pleasure Kit-
  • Student Presentations-Honoring the Devas.
  • Increase your Skills- Receive an Introductory Aromatherapy Certificate if you have completed all the steps.
Sign Up Options

Travel Options for the Introductory Aromatherapy Program (This online program is available to anyone with a computer and high-speed internet). You may travel simply by sitting in your armchair.

The Apprentice-Ship Adventure Option

The Introductory Apprentice-Ship Adventure costs $1,295.00. Completing all the courses and assignments will qualify you for a certificate in introductory aromatherapy from The Northern Star College.

The Pleasure Cruise Option

You might choose to take the Pleasure Cruise and receive the same information but not be obligated to do the projects or assignments or qualify for certification. The Pleasure Cruise costs $8,95.00 and is unavailable to full-time, certificate or diploma students.

The Free Cruise Trial Run

You can also sample the introductory course by trying out a chapter before you buy it. Sniff out your reaction and decide if you want to board the Northern Star Apprenticeship Adventure. For those sampling the course, check back with your e-course and lessons will appear for you to enjoy for five days.

Check Out the Free Cruise-

There are no refunds if you join us and commit to the introductory aromatherapy program. The Practical Potions Course will no longer be available in a classroom setting, only online.

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Feel free to write to Laurie at if you have more questions about the course content. Or take the Free Cruise and try out a sample 🙂

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An Aromatic Adventure With Many Transformations Awaits!

Level 2 – Practical Potions Advanced Aromatherapy

This program has been recently revised and updated.

To deepen your expertise in aromatherapy, we have an Advanced Aromatic Adventure.

Practical Potions Advanced Aromatherapy, On-Line, Apprentice Ship Diploma Adventure

Hop back on board for the Northern Star College’s Practical Potions, Advanced, Apprentice Ship Adventure! Learn about the botanical and intuitive qualities of over 70 essential oils. Inhale the course components while developing your knowledge about using essential oils safely and pleasurably. Completing the Practical Potions Certificate Program is necessary before enrolling in Practical Potions, Advanced.


Welcome back to the Apprentice-Ship Adventure. It is time to strengthen your ability to create potions and deepen your connection to the plants.

Learn about the botanical and intuitive qualities of over 70 new essential oils. Recipes will help transform daily routines, like beauty and cleaning your home, into meaningful experiences.  Build knowledge about how and when to use the oils. This is where you start to think for yourself, like a creator.

When should you use certain essential oils and carrier oils? How do you combine them to create a synergistic blend? This depth of knowledge will help you create with competence and confidence.

As you complete course segments, you will manifest your know-how by making useful products. These products are helpful for many aspects of your home and personal care routine but might also be turned into saleable products for online and farmer’s markets. Some graduates supplement their income with their creations.

You will receive an equivalent 77-hour college course with detailed write-ups, videos, exercises and a comprehensive journal to help guide your journey. Course completion of both The Introductory and Advanced Practical Potions Program and assignments will result in a diploma in aromatherapy. You will also have access to the Facebook forum to build alliances and share insights with your group.

Course Modules

Start the Journey-Overview of the Concepts- Unit 1

Body Beautiful- Inside the Ship’s Spa -Unit 2

  • Love the Skin You’re in-(Get it into Ship-Shape) (2A)
  • Essential Oils for Skin (2B)
  • Carrier Oils for Skin (2C)
  • Toxins in Commercial Products (2D)
  • Hydrosols & Floral Waters (2E)
  • Facial Cleansers – Steam, Scrub, and Tone (2F)
  • Masks (2G)
  • Creams, Serums & Balms (2H)
  • Hair Care (2I)
  • Body, Nail, Hand, Foot and Mouth Care (2J)

Sailing Through Life’s Phases- Unit 3
Essential oils for:

  • Pregnancy (3A)
  • Babies and Infants (3B)
  • Gynecology (3C)
  • Seniors (3D)
  • Men (3E)

Essential Oil Families Shipped to You from Around the World- Unit 4
Learning the Properties of individual oils – the tools to give you knowledge & build expertise

  • Rutaceae- Devas of Adorability (4A)
  • Umbelliferae – Devas of Digestibility (4B)
  • Roses- Devas of Magnificence (4C)
  • Assorted Families- Devas with Big Gifts (4D)
  • Local & Unusual Essential Oils- Devas of Home Coming (4E)

Psycho Aroma –Remedies from Exotic Cultures -Unit 5

  • Overview (5A)
  • Hippocratic System (5B)
  • Ayurvedic Medicine (5C)
  • Astrology (5D)
  • Worwood (5E)
  • The Gumbel System (5F)
  • Dreams (5G)

The Scentual Home- A Visit Back to Shore- Unit 6

  • Cooking with Essential Oils (6A)
  • Cleaning with Essential Oils (6B)
  • Plant Care & Insects & Pests (6C)
  • Holiday Gift Ideas-(6D)

Perfumery-Explore Your Essence- The Ship’s Blending Room- Unit 7

  • The Language of Flowers (7A)
  • Advanced Blending (7B)

Healing & Safety-The Ship’s Wellness Room- Unit 8

  • Advanced Toxicology and Home Healing (8A)
  • The Ship’s Healing Chart (8B)

Product Development and Marketing Resources-Be Known From Sea To Sea-Unit 9

  • Develop A Business Plan (9A)
  • Labelling & Sourcing Supplies (9B)
  • Marketing (9C)
  • The Future of Aromatherapy (9D)

Pleasure Cruise Students are off duty at this point.

For those on the Apprenticeship Program-

Projects-Showcasing Your Competency & Bringing Your Skills Home – Unit 10

  • Fine Tuning the Aromatic Intake Template (10A)
  • The Magic of Creation –Your 8 Aromatic Products or Your Thesis and Work Placement Project (10B)
  • Student Presentations Advanced Honoring the Devas (10C)
  • Increase your Skills- Receive an Aromatherapy Diploma if you have completed all the steps (10D)
Sign Up Options

The Apprentice-Ship Adventure Option

The Apprentice-Ship Adventure Advanced route requires an investment of  $1,295.00. Completing all the requirements and assignments will qualify you for a diploma in aromatherapy from The Northern Star College.

The Pleasure Cruise Option 

You could also take the Pleasure Cruise and receive the same information but not be obligated to do the projects or assignments or qualify for certification. The Pleasure Cruise costs $8,95.00  and is unavailable to full-time certificate or diploma students.

Interested In Deepening Your Aromatic Knowledge? Sign Up For The Practical Potions Advanced Program, Here

Suppose you graduate from The Practical Potions Introductory Course and want to further your knowledge. In that case, you may sign up for the Advanced Practical Potions Adventure by calling Catherine at 780 447-3667 and leaving a message or emailing her your request at Catherine will handle all financial or administrative questions. You may also pay through PayPal later in 2024.

If you have other questions about the course, you may ask Laurie at or Robert at

There are no refunds if you join us and commit to the aromatherapy program. The Practical Potions, Advanced Course is only available in an online format.

More About the Instructors:

Robert Rogers

Robert has been a student of plant medicine for over 40 years, including 18 years as a clinical herbalist. He is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Botany. Robert is the author of over sixty books on medicinal plants in Western Canada. Robert has taught plant medicine for over 30 years, from casual herb walks to university classes. He is a popular speaker with international experience. He has been described as a true “green man” with an affinity to nature and an avid fan of our indigenous plants and mushrooms.

Robert is steeped in all levels of the natural health industry, from organic farming and oil distillation to clinical work. He and his wife Laurie own Self Heal Distributing and Scents of Wonder essential oils.

Robert is the co-director of the Earth Spirit Medicine Program, and you can contact him at

Watch Videos With Robert-

You can also visit Robert at the Self Heal Distributing website at

Books By Robert Rogers

Visit Robert’s author page at

Books By Robert Dale Rogers

Laurie Szott-Rogers

My journey away from mainstream scents started as a child when the smell of cosmetics, cleaners and personal care products repelled me. I also had a great love of blending and creating “potions.”

Working with essential oils and plant devas has given me an amazing aromatic palette to create. Aromatherapy has enhanced many aspects of my life, from washing my face with toning floral waters to creating an aromatic spa when I bathe. Aromatherapy has allowed me to dream up and manifest hundreds of potions and products. It has inspired me to write and teach to help others attune to their inner alchemist and create potions and products that express their authentic tastes and enhance their lives.

We are excited to take Practical Potions to those who feel the call to train in the sacred arts. The Practical Potions Apprentice Ship Adventure offers new, exciting learning possibilities from any location.

I have been an alternative health teacher for over 25 years. Robert and I have had a wholesale aromatherapy line for over 27 years, and we have both been involved in all aspects of the business. Blending is still something I approach with passion.

More Background…..

Laurie is a certified aromatherapist, dream worker, and flower essence practitioner. She has a background in Applied Research and a general studies degree with an emphasis on Counselling Women. Laurie is an experienced aromatherapist and blend creator for Scents of Wonder Aromatherapy, which Laurie and Robert own. She is the co-director of the Earth Spirit Medicine Program and the director of Wise Woman Within, Intuitive Counselling Program, at Northern Star College of Mystical Studies.

Visit Laurie at the Self Heal Distributing website at

Books by Laurie Szott-Rogers

Visit Laurie’s author page at

Books by Laurie Szott-Rogers

Other teachers on the journey

Bridgid, an ancient goddess. There are many animated guides, including Jo Anna, the tour guide; Don, the computer whiz; Jerry, the chemist; Trish, the botanical instructor; Jinny, the spa and beauty instructor; and Dr. Herb Botanic (not a medical doctor but an animated aromatherapist).

For administrative questions, you may phone Catherine at 780-447-3667 or email

Need more time to decide about taking an online course?

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