The Northern Star College Guidelines, Policies & Tuition


Our College is a federally certified school through Human Resources Development Canada; therefore you will receive annual tax receipts and if you are eligible can claim for tuition.

Course fees must be paid at the time of registration, with no student attending class without full payment or proper billing authorization.

  • Cheques returned NSF are subject to a service charge.
  • There is no refund given after the first day of class.
  • We do not offer loans or bursaries. Students must pay as they go, but Northern Star class hours are very suitable to allow one to work while attending school.

Payment Options for Certificate & Diploma Programs

  • Pay yearly tuition in full and get a $150 discount ( does not apply to all certificate programs). Tuition must be paid by the first day of class.
  • Pay yearly tuition in 3 installments September, January, and April. No administration fee.
  • Pay yearly tuition monthly – September through June, monthly administration fee $15. Students who wish to pay monthly or by installments must make arrangements no later than 2 weeks prior to class commencing.

In order to attend classes, all students must be up to date with their payments.


The College reserves the right to cancel any class where staffing difficulties arise, or where the minimum enrollment is not realized. A full refund will be issued for canceled classes. Course dates may change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Insurance Waivers

All students will be required to fill out annual waivers dismissing Northern Star as responsible for accidents or mishaps in class, or out on field trips and course activities.


It is unprofessional and a violation of confidentiality to disclose anything that happens in class out of context. Materials of the college remain the property of the College and are shared as part of the course instruction.

These materials are meant for the enrolled student only, and any re-copying, in whole or in part of the written or taped material for gratis, or commercial gain is strictly forbidden. Any infraction will be subject to legal recourse, and of course, great karmic debt. Copyright of college material is taken seriously.

Academic Expectations

Plagiarism, cheating and misuse of confidential materials are an offense and may lead to rejection of submitted work, failing grade, suspension or expulsion, at the discretion of the College Council.


We run our diploma and certificate programs, only once every three years. When you agree to enroll, you are agreeing to a 3- year commitment. Shorter programs also require commitments for the duration of the program.


Students are expected to participate in classroom discussions, circles, and presentations.

Class Delivery

Most classes will be taught in the classroom, but some classes may be delivered correspondence-style, online, or in any style deemed appropriate by the instructor.

Aromatherapy, now renamed Practical Potions, is offered only in e-course style, as part of the Earth Spirit Medicine Program, or as a separate, out of program e-course.


Students are expected to maintain respectful boundaries with teachers and fellow students. Bullying may be cause for dismissal.


Completion of assignments in a timely manner, in the quality expected by the instructors, is mandatory for program completion. If you do not complete your assignments you will not receive your diploma or certificate at the time of graduation.

Cell Phones & Electronic Devices

No cell phones during class hours. If using computers or other electronic devices, please use only for class work.


Due to the experiential nature of these programs attendance is necessary. If you need to miss a class, inform the instructor and arrange with another student to have notes or audio. Excessive absenteeism may compromise your graduation. In Earth Spirit Medicine, a 90% attendance rate is expected. There may be exceptions. If you are unable to attend regularly, or complete assignments and exams, you may with the permission of your instructor change to an auditor status, but you will not receive a diploma.

We start on time and ask you to arrive a few minutes early to prevent disruption of classes. For Laurie’s classes- please call her cell phone 789-970-0027 if you cannot attend. Please use this number only for such occasions.


Earth Medicine

ThesisEarth Spirit Medicine scholars will be expected to write 2 thesis papers before graduating, one in herbology and another in aromatherapy. Students will be required to learn techniques on how to write a scholarly paper outside of this program.

Earth Spirit Medicine students will also have the opportunity to gain work experience during this program. They will be personally required to find or create work placements that further their area of interest to complete the requirements. Case Study completion in Flower Essences is also mandatory. In Practical Potions, there will be a choice to either do a thesis and work placement, or a product creation project and full thesis style write up.

In course presentations and assignments will be given during the course.

The hours for Earth Medicine are calculated differently than the other courses. There is slightly reduced classroom time and extended emphasis on the work-placements, case studies, and thesis requirements. There will be some classroom time allowed for interviewing, but most interviews will take place outside of the classroom.