What is embodied astrology? In a word it is connection. As we explore the rhythms and flow of celestial forces we learn how those same forces exist in our world and within each one of us.

Through the study of astrology, we begin to embrace the astrological archetypes we represent and work with astrological cycles more consciously and creatively.

As we make a deeper connection to self, we more easily learn how to be in harmony with others and the universe.

In the Introductory Astrology units, as well as learn the basic language of astrology, students will learn about astrology in an experiential way.

For those who want to further develop their understanding of astrological principles, incorporate astrology into their current career or become a professional astrologer, the Intermediate and  Advanced units deepen the understanding of astrology, as well as how to use it as a diagnostic and counseling tool.

WHAT’S NEW! Weekly astrology classes begin January 2020. Students will receive a workbook that will help them integrate the topics covered in class.

Introductory Astrology

 Students may enroll in one or more of the units. Please note that some of the units have a required level of astrological knowledge.

Instructor: Catherine Potter

2020 Start Dates:

Unit 1 Tues. January 14 – March 17. 6 pm – 8:30 pm  10 wks. Cost $475

Unit 2 Tues. March 31 – June 2. 6 pm  – 8:30 pm  10 wks. Cost $475

Unit 3 Tues. September 8 – November 24. 6 pm – 8:30 pm 12 wks. $570

Unit 1   10 weeks

Introductory Embodied Astrology

Unit One is suitable for beginners or for those who want to review astrological foundations in a holistic, integrative manner. 

  • The role of the astrologer
  • Different states of awareness and the impact they have on the expression of an individual’s chart
  • Exploring the Glyphs and Symbols used in Astrology
    Learn the shorthand for astrology and the meaning of the symbols.
  • The Elements, Modes and Polarities 
  • Introduction to the Signs  Twelve archetypal energies. Keywords, gifts and shadows. The signs expressed through the different states of consciousness.


Unit 2   10 weeks

Unit two is suitable for beginners or for those who want to review astrological foundations in a holistic, integrative manner. Prerequisite unit 1 or related experience. 

  • Introduction To The Planets – Forces of Nature
    Keywords, archetypes, gifts and shadows, rulerships, retrogrades, nodes.
  • Introduction to the Houses: Keywords, rulerships.
  • Exploring The Angles. The Ascendant, Descendant, MC and IC


Unit 3  12 weeks

Unit three is suitable for beginners or for those who want to review astrological foundations in a holistic, integrative manner. Prerequisite unit 2 or related experience. 

  • Aspects
    The energy patterns created when two or more planets form connections resulting in either flowing or tension producing patterns.
  • Focalizers
  • Chart Synthesis
    Learn how to synthesize the basic language and see the energy pattern of the natal chart.

Instructor: Catherine Potter

Start Dates: TBA

Life Cycles – Transits and Progressions  8 weeks 

Exploring Relationships  4 weeks

Event Charts, Relocation and Astrocartography  4 weeks

The Chart as a Symbolic Mandala  1 day  9 am – 4 pm

Intermediate Astrology

Pre-requisite: Introductory Astrology or related experience.

Life Cycles — Transits and Progressions   8 Weeks

  • Explore the changing planetary cycles that occur throughout a lifetime and the evolution of our natal chart. By working more consciously with planetary cycles we become less reactive and limited and more responsive and creative in the unfolding of our life.
  • Chart Interpretation and Case Studies
    Learn how to synthesize the natal, progressed charts and transits.


Exploring Relationships 4 weeks

  • Who we attract and why we attract them.
  • We will look at the connections between partners, family members, and business relationships.
  • Compatibility and Composite Charts


All Things Lunar  3 weeks

A deeper look at the impact of the moon, lunar cycles, eclipses and the pre-natal eclipse.


Event Charts, Relocation and Astrocartography  4 weeks

  • Learn to erect charts for business and events.
  • Relocation Charts and  Astro-cartography


The Chart As A Symbolic Mandala

1 day  9 am – 4 pm

Instructor: Catherine Potter

Start Date: TBA

You and Your Past   4 weeks

Whole Health Astrology  6 Months

Intermediate/Advanced Astrology


You and Your Past  4 weeks

  • Explore ancestral and past life connections. Breaking free from old attractions and becoming more conscious in choice making.
  • The Pre-natal Chart
    Life in the womb – first impressions that last. Birth, death and the womb in between.



Whole Health Astrology  6 Months

Are you at an intermediate level of astrology and want to deepen and expand your understanding? Whole Health Astrology starts in 2020.

This course focuses on preventive health care and will work with the mental, emotional and physical challenges that arise with the various types of chart patterns.

Included in the course will be a) The study of the chakras and their relationship to astrology.  b) Astrology and Flower Essences.

Summer Workshop

4-Day Summer Workshop

Take your astrology knowledge to a new level with this holistic workshop.

This is an intermediate level course, participants must have an understanding of aspects and transits.

Facilitator Catherine Potter

Date TBA 


 Light vegetarian lunch provided

Astrology & Practical Mysticism

Intermediate Level Astrology


Workshop topics                                                                                

The story of Ego and Soul – the dance of light and dark

Our Moon – prison of the Soul or experience and wisdom

The two doorways that bring us in and out of the manifest world are Birth and Death. What about the “place in between” and how does it relate to astrology?

Who are we when we are not in the physical world? How can we use this information in practical ways to enhance our daily life?

A holistic model for working with the natal chart, progressed charts and transits

Transits = Karmic choice or Conscious choice

Astrology, the Chakras and the subtle body

Astrology, States of Awareness and a chance to wake up