Astrology Program

Astrological Counseling Program

Program Director: Catherine Potter


What is embodied astrology? In a word it is connection. As we explore the rhythms and flow of celestial forces we learn how those same forces exist in our world and within each one of us.

Through the study of astrology we begin to embrace the astrological archetypes we represent. As we make that deeper connection to self we more easily learn how to be in harmony with others and the universe.

In Introductory Astrology as well as learn the basic language of astrology students will learn about birth charts, which are our energy blueprints, in an experiential way .

To learn you are a sun sign in Aries and therefore Mars based is interesting; however to feel how comfortable you are holding Mars energy and learn how to consciously work with it takes astrology to a deeper level.

As we gain greater clarity we begin to experience the alignment and flow between our personality and our essential nature.

For those who want to further develop their understanding of astrological principles, incorporate astrology into their current career or become a professional astrologer Astrology Level II and Level III deepens the understanding of astrology, as well as how to use it as a diagnostic and counseling tool.

WHAT’S NEW! It is easier for out of town students to enroll in Astrology coursesStudents will now receive a weekly on-line lesson and attend class every 2nd month for a three day weekend.

The  three year, “Embodied Astrology Counseling Program”, will be offered for the last time September 2017. After that Catherine will only be offering Intermediate Astrology workshops and on-line introductory Astrology courses.


Diploma Schedule
Download the 2017-2020 Diploma Schedule
Certificate Schedule
Download the 2017-2020 Certificate Schedule


Watch a Mini Workshop about the Astrology Program…


Year I

Introductory Embodied Astrology

Year 1 astrology courses may be taken without enrollment in program – please contact school for cost

Instructor: Catherine Potter
 Start Dates
Diploma * General Studies begin Sept 1, 2017
Certificate October 20, 2017 – June 2018
Diploma students also attend July 2 – 8 2018.

Year one astrology students receive

  • 33 on-line lessons
  • Attend  4, three day in-class workshops.
  • See schedule for dates of workshops









Gemini Ascendant’s love class discussion!







Learning about the solar system and tropical astrology



  • The role of the astrologer
  • Different states of awareness and the impact they have on the expression of an individual’s chart.
  • The history and branches of astrology
  • Exploring the Glyphs and Symbols used in Astrology
    Learn the shorthand for astrology and the meaning of the symbols.
  • The Natal Chart
    • The Elements, Triplicites and Qualities.
    • Introduction to the Signs – Archetypal representations of Cosmic Forces
      Keywords, archetypes, gifts and shadows.
    • Introduction To The Planets – Forces of Nature
      Keywords, archetypes, planetary deities, gifts and shadows, rulerships, retrogrades, nodes.
    • Introduction to the Houses: Keywords, rulerships.
    • Exploring The Angles –
  • Me and My Shadow
    The parts of self that have been disowned and projected.
  • Aspects
    The energy patterns created when two or more planets form connections creating either flowing or challenging relationships.
  • Chart Synthesis
    Learn how to synthesize the basic language and see the energy pattern of the natal chart.
    As well as their own birth chart students will analyze a variety of natal charts.


Year II

Pre-requisite: enrollment in astrological certificate or diploma program

Instructor: Catherine Potter
Year 2 Start Date
Certificate Student: September 2018 – June 2019
Diploma Students’ also take General Studies 49 hours, July 1-7 2019

Year 2 Astrology students receive

  • 39 on-line lessons
  • Attend 5, three day in-class workshops. See schedule for dates of workshops.

No astrology classes or on-line lessons July and August 2019.

Case study Year 2 practicum Part 1 due August 2019. Part 2 due December 2019.

Student astrology project



Astrology Alumni

  • Life Cycles — Transits and Progressions
    Explore the changing planetary cycles that occur throughout a lifetime and the evolution of our natal chart. By working more consciously with planetary cycles we become less reactive and limited and more responsive and creative in the unfolding of our life.
  • Chart Interpretation and Case Studies
    Learn how to synthesize the natal, progressed charts and transits.
  • Exploring Relationships
    Who we attract and why. Understanding the connections between charts.
  • A Deeper Look at The Lunar Nodes, The Rules of Rulership, Houses Within Houses, Focalizers
  • Everything that has a beginning has a birth chart – charts for business, ecountries, events.
  • Relocation Charts, Astro-cartography
  • A fun look at the Math of Astrology
  • Astrology and Astronomy
  • The Chart As A Symbolic Mandala
  • The Art of Astrology
    In this workshop we will look at how to blend the science of astrology with the art of interpretation. Topics covered: Guidance versus prediction – empower your client with the gift of freedom of choice. We see everything through our own energy – learn how to not project your path on others. More is not always better – what to focus on in a session.
  • Ethics


Astrology class starts with meditation


Year III

Pre-requisite: enrollment in the astrology program

Instructor: Catherine Potter
Year 3 Start Date
Certificate Student: September 2019 – June 2020
Diploma students also take General Studies: 49 hours July 6-12 2020

Year 3 Astrology students receive

  • 39 online lessons
  • Attend  5, three day in-class workshops every 2nd month. Please see schedule for workshop dates.

Connie sets Aquarius energy free

Connie sets Aquarius energy free

  • All Things Lunar
    A further look at the impact of the moon, lunar cycles, eclipses and pre-natal eclipse.
  • The Pre-natal Chart
    Life in the womb – first impressions that last. Birth, death and the womb in between.
  • You and Your Past
    Exploring ancestral and past life connections. Breaking free from old attractions and becoming more conscious in choice making.
  • Introduction to Astrology and the Chakras
  • Balancing the Elements: A look at how to create and maintain a healthy elemental balance through appropriate diet, activity scent, and sounds.


Astrology and Chakras

Astrology and Chakras


* Students enrolled in the Astrology Diploma program are required to take all general study courses.
Students enrolled in the Astrology Certificate program need only take astrology courses. 



Celebrating Birthday

Astrologers know how important it is to celebrate birthdays!



 Astrology and Practical Mysticism

 Want to continue your astrology studies and take a holistic and practical look at Astrology &

Death, birth, the earth bound and cosmic womb

Chakras, the physical and subtle bodies

Karma and the law of cause and effect

Personality and soul fusion…….and more

This Intermediate Level astrology course starts with a three day workshop followed by  4 months of on-line lessons. Participants need to have an understanding of basic astrology language as well as aspects and transits.

Contact Catherine for the next start date or 780-447-3667.



We hold the world in our hands - treat it gently.

We hold the world in our hands, treat it gently.