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The Northern Star News Autumn 2019 - Northern Star College


September 2019

A warm welcome,

Autumn has arrived and we are busy at Northern Star College. Our Earth Spirit Medicine, Embodied Astrology,  Tarot and Crystalline Gemstone students are all back after their summer break.

We’ve had some inquiries regarding when we will begin to accept applications for our three-year programs. Following is some information regarding upcoming classes.

Catherine Potter will be teaching weekly, evening classes in Embodied Astrology starting January 2020. Participants will be able to enroll in one or a series of 10-week units. Each unit will build on the previous one.

Robert Rogers and Laurie Szott Rogers as well as teaching their current students are in the process of restructuring the Earth Spirit Medicine program. As information becomes available we will post it.

Other workshops available in 2020:

In January, Anna Beaumont will be offering an 8 week singing and sound class called “The Sound of Now”.

In March, Skye MacLachlan will be offering a two-day “Clear Your Clutter” workshop.

There are more workshops scheduled for 2020 so keep checking back!

Scroll down to read informative articles by the teachers and the Calendar of Events.




Are You A Genie?

Laurie Szott-Rogers

Here is a short excerpt and quiz from my new book

Become Your Own Genie- Make Good Choices and Grant Wishes

Genie Lesson # 1

How to Know if you are a Genie?

Certain people are more prone to become genies than others. They tend to be kinder than usual, generous and curious sometimes to the point of being intrusive and overly helpful. They love approval. We will call people with such traits, genie people, or genie beings.

Genie beings adore people and are sometimes in love with love.

Genie people are close cousins to fairy godmother types. Deep down inside, both genies and fairies want to make others happy.

Genie people spend a great deal of time, thought and energy ensuring that those around them have all of their needs met. Genie beings seem to pull gifts out of nowhere. Even if they are not wealthy, they find something unique and meaningful to give others for birthdays, Christmas or to show appreciation.

Do you resonate with any genie traits or circumstances?

 How Much of A Genie Are You Quiz?

Scale   0 not at all  5 sometimes  10 usually   15 almost always

  1. People say I am kind
  2. I love being generous.
  3. I love good fun
  4. Many people have too many boundaries
  5. I love making people happy.
  6. I love a good laugh
  7. The men or women I attract often end up depleting me
  8. I volunteer to help others rather quickly
  9. I hate seeing people struggle
  10. I am unable to finish my own projects at times, because other people seem to need my help and it takes me off track
  11. People are attracted to me
  12. People try to bend my will to suit their needs
  13. I love helping others
  14. I believe in people
  15. I believe in love
  16. I believe in magic
  17. I value having free will
  18. I don’t like saying ‘no’.
  19. I am told I am charismatic
  20. I sometimes put other people’s needs ahead of my own.
  21. How many Genie Traits Are Optimum?

0 – 50 Not Much Genie

50- 185 Partial genie – You have some genie traits, which make you desirable, vulnerable at times, but also wary. You have some boundaries and know how to say no.

185 – 255 Full genie – You are kind, generous, popular and loving. You have difficulty saying no. You are happier when you do some things for yourself. You also love making others happy. You are quick minded and multi-talented. But you sometimes attract partners who use you.

255 or more Super genie – You are ultra-cool and irresistible! Genies people are very admired, loved and chased by regular humans. They are generous, kind and charismatic. If you are a Super genie, you will have many friends, admirers and social opportunities. You are a genius in many areas of your life. You are most prone to overtaxing yourself, giving too much and having loose boundaries.

There can be too much of a good thing. Super Genies can get very burned out if they do not renew with self-care. They must be wary of addictions and are prone to be captured by those who take advantage of their rare and beautiful traits.

To learn more about working with your inner genie you may purchase the book-   Go to the Book Boutique when you get to the site.

Or we would love to see you at Become Your Own Genie Workshop Date: TBA

Want to learn about Earth Spirit Medicine follow the link

Astrology and the Elements

Catherine Potter

It is important when studying astrology to understand that one of the things that contribute to the qualities associated with the astrological signs are the elements.

When studying a person’s astrological blueprint, a professional astrologer will note if there is an over emphasis or a lack of a particular element.

Why? There are a variety of reasons, one of them being a person’s pace and rhythm. To get an idea of this, think of how we may become frustrated by a family member or friend who has a different pace from us. We tend to try to get them to slow down or hurry them up.

It is easy to get unbalanced when we are not paying attention to our natural rhythm and pace.

Other reasons astrologers pay attention to the elements found in an astrological blueprint are to make suggestion regarding types of food and exercise, the ideal type of climate to live in etc.

A well-trained astrologer can make recommendations regarding resources and professionals who can help a person get the most out of their blueprint leading to a healthier and happier life.

Following is a brief overview of the elements associated with astrology. Please keep in mind that there are many layers to a person’s astrological blueprint chart and this is only one piece. As well, a person will have a combination of elements in their natal blueprint.

AIR: Air is cold, dry, the quickest moving element and is associated with our mental energy, thoughts, ideas, and concepts. Too much activity and movement can create something called deranged air which leads to nervous stress, worry and anxiety.

In todays fast paced world where people often experience information overload and busy schedules it is easy for the air element to get unbalanced.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius express the three different types of air energy.

FIRE Fire is the second fastest moving element. It is hot and its purpose is to heat us up, transform energy, create enthusiasm and be inspirational.

Too much fire overstimulates, get irritated and angry and potentially leads to burnout. Too little fire and we feel a lack of enthusiasm and it is hard to be inspired.

To get a better sense of fire, think about the function of fire in the body. It transforms our food into fuel. Too much fire and we have things run out of us too quickly, too little fire and things are undigested and bound up.

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius express three different types of fire energy.

WATER Water is the third fastest moving element. It is cold, wet, sits beneath the surface and is associated with our emotions.

Its purpose is to protect and nourish. Think about what the fluids in the body do, they circulate, cleanse, and protect.

Too much of a water emphasis can express as moodiness and heaviness. To get a sense of this ponder what happens when it is cloudy or rainy for weeks at a time.

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces express three different types of water energy.


EARTH Earth is the slowest moving element. It is cold and dry. Its function is to manifest things in a tangible, concrete manner.

To understand earth energy imagine you are thinking that you would like something e.g. a meal, house, relationship. It takes much more time to manifest something than it does to have an idea of it.

Too much earth can create dullness and inertia, too little earth can be impractical or ungrounded.

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn express three different types of earth energy.

Have fun with this tantalizing tidbit of astrological information. If you would like to learn a little or a lot of astrology, weekly classes begin January 2020.


Want to learn more about Astrology click here


Gemstones for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Skye MacLachlan

I’m writing this article on September 11th and remembering the horrific attacks on the twin towers in 2001.  Many of the survivor’s stories are focused on post-traumatic stress disorder and the awareness that trauma has no timeline.  It can be as terrifying today as the day it occurred.

Gemstones are powerful and loyal companions during times of intense emotional and physical distress.  The following 13 gems are especially helpful in dealing with various symptoms associated with the many faces of PTSD.  Of course gems are one piece of a multifaceted approach to a very complex disorder and aren’t intended to replace other therapeutic treatments.

When deciding which gem is right for you, read over the list of associated symptoms specific to each gem and see what resonates with you.  Another equally effective approach is to honor the gem that you are most attracted to.

Always cleanse the gemstone before using it and continue cleansing once a day during use.

Here’s a list of PTSD symptoms that each gem specializes in.

Tangerine Quartz: This is a natural form of quartz, not to be confused with man-made tangerine aura quartz.  Symptoms: acute shock and fear.

Carnelian: anxiety; assists to release traumatic memories from the past.

Orange/Yellow Calcite: excessive worry/thinking, depression, exhaustion and suicidal tendencies.

Apache Teardrop (this is a form of obsidian that is translucent when held to a bright light source): especially powerful for PTSD resulting from generational trauma.  Coping mechanisms might involve withdrawal from the emotional pain through substance abuse, usually addictive.  Symptoms: grief, depression and inconsolable experience of loss.  Helps one gradually learn how to release and forgive.

Mahogany Obsidian: anxiety, reactivity, irritability, inability to focus/concentrate, depression, fear, despair and difficulty expressing personal feelings.

Yellow Tourmaline: deep fears, obsessive thoughts that hold one captive, exhaustion.

Red Aventurine: PTSD that accelerates at night with nightmares, insomnia and panic attacks.  The following symptoms could occur at any time of day or night: frustration, irritability, anger and resentment.

Azurite: anxiety, nervousness, fidgeting, nausea, fear, inability to let go.  Azurite is also effective when dealing with past-life trauma.

Red Garnet (especially Rhodolite): Infuses one with the courage to meet each day.  PTSD symptoms: fatigue, cold hands and feet, depression, lack of motivation and ambition, poor self-esteem, anxiety, panic, inability to concentrate, nervous tremors.

Malachite: feeling empty and dead inside, headaches, nausea, obsessive thinking, short term memory loss, difficult relationship with time (for example, always running late or excessively early).

Coral (red, pink or white): panic attacks, racing heart, exhaustion, forgetful, always losing things.  Coral is also effective for past-life trauma.  Buy your coral from a reliable source to ensure that it is authentic.

Black Jade: PTSD with the feeling of being lost in the darkness, often accompanied by suicidal tendencies.  Black Jade helps to restore hope and opens up new possibilities.  Lemurian Jade (a black jade flecked with iron pyrite) is interchangeable with Black Jade.

Azurite-Malachite: This gem emerges in areas of the earth that have been traumatized in some way.  It teaches us how to emerge from our own traumas with strength and wisdom.  It is most effective when used in conjunction with one of the above gemstones. However avoid using Azurite-Malachite with Carnelian.

Gemstones are most effective when used consistently.  As you enter into relationship with the gem that you’ve chosen, take time to touch it and really look at it.  Explore it with all of your senses.  Then keep it close to you (touching your skin is usually best) for at least 30 days.  Sometimes you will feel immediate relief of your symptoms and at other times the gem will work in a gentle and gradual manner. Your body, mind and spirit will recognize and receive the healing vibrations of the gemstone in a manner that is just right for you.

Want to learn more about gemstones click here 


September 2019

September 2019
Earth Spirit Medicine and Embodied Astrology students are back for the final year of their programs.

Tarot and Gemstone Crystalline students are back for year two of their programs.

November 5, 6:30 – 8:00 pm
OPEN HOUSE Want to find out about The Northern Star College, Astrology classes beginning in January or other workshops scheduled for 2020? Pre-register for our FREE open house.

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. W.B. Yeats

December 21 & 25
Wishing you a happy, light filled Winter Solstice and Christmas.


Learn In Your Own Time

Practical Potions Levels 1 and 2

Astrological Foundations

Follow the link for more information


Winter/Spring 2020

 The Sound of Now

January 13 – March 2 6:30 – 8:30 pm

An 8-week exploration of Sound, Singing, Harmony & Love
With Singer and Voice Health Professional Anna Beaumont

Contact nicole@northernstarcollege for details and to register.

January 14, 2020

Astrology For Everyone

Embodied Astrology weekly classes  will cover the language of astrology as well have an experiential component. Suitable for beginners or those who want to review astrological foundations in a holistic, integrative manner. Students will receive a workbook that will help them integrate the topics covered in class.

Instructor: Catherine Potter

UNIT 1 Introduction to Elements, Modes, The Signs, States of Consciousness 10 Wks. Tuesdays, January 14 – March 17, 2020. 6 pm – 8:30 pm

UNIT 2 The Planets, Houses and Angles 10 Wks.  Tuesdays, March 31 – June 2. 6 pm – 8:30 pm

UNIT 3 Aspects, Natal Chart Interpretation     September 2020

For information or to pre-register contact

March/April 2020   2-day workshop

Clear Your Clutter

Instructor: Skye MaLachlan

We will examine what clutter is and the impact it has on one’s life.

This will be followed with practical ways to release clutter and simplify your life.

Come prepared to transform your inner and outer clutter and reclaim the energy it has stolen!

Email for information or to pre-register.

March 31 – June 2. Tuesdays, 6 pm – 8:30 pm    10 wks

Embodied Astrology – Unit Two  The Planets, Houses, Angles

Instructor: Catherine Potter

Pre-requisite Unit One or related experience.

Email  for information or to register.