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The Northern Star News November 2018 - Northern Star College


November 2018


As the year winds down we have one last information evening on Tuesday, November 27th at 6 pm with Catherine Potter. It is for anyone who would like more information regarding upcoming astrology workshops or the Practical Mysticism workshops. Please pre-register!

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We would like to take the opportunity to wish all of you a safe, healthy and happy holiday season.


Robert, Laurie, Catherine, Skye and Nicole.


Radio Head- Dial Up The Volume

Laurie Szott-Rogers

As I age, I find it easier to stumble down the rabbit holes of fear or anxiety.  I know it is taboo to admit these things in a new age environment, still, everyone feels these emotions.

Fear and anxiety are warning signs on our personal journeys and often hold messages worth listening to. Some of my fears are about medical tests, watching those I love suffer and fear of mortality itself.

You may know your fears- money, relationships, abandonment, death, cruelty to others, oppression, have all carved a niche in the human psyche.

Everyone has their own way of coping with fear, worry and anxiety, but these feelings are notorious, shapeshifters making them hard to clear. If we do not find them and address them, they can turn into general, debilitating fear, or panic. They also shift into insomnia, nervousness and irritability.

Many people have trouble recognizing their fears as they have learned to turn them into anger, judgment or numbness. All of these feelings, if left unconscious, create repercussions and are worth focus.

Learning approaches to deal with these feelings has been the content of many self-help books and seminars.

Try This for Something Different

The other day I was visited by an anxiety message, which was disproportionately loud and one-sided. I realized one novel but effective approach to help myself was to use my head like a radio.

My left ear dialed sounds down, the right ear, dialed emotions or sounds from my psyche up, so they were more audible.

I will tell you what I do to be a radiohead, and you can try it, too.

First I attune to the scary message which was exaggerated, eg. “ bad medical test equals you are going to die”.

Secondly, I scan for the useful content inside the difficult message. “Pay attention to your health”.

Thirdly, I visualize an action plan to deal with what I have been told by asking “what can I do right now to improve my health that will make a difference? “What can I do in the long run? I then write up my health promoting plan and include everything I discern will be useful and doable.

Fourthly, after fully hearing my left ear message, I imagine turning my left ear like a knob, so it quietens down the volume of this message.

I then dial up the message from my right ear, to increase the volume, as it has a more optimistic message. “You are a whole being, so much bigger and healthier than these little tests. You are alive today, and there is a good chance you will be tomorrow”.
“Yes, something in your environment needs shifting, or, you may need a little medical procedure, but this is a small thing in a big life. Do not let this dominate the days you do have. What will you do right now to make your day more pleasurable? What will you do to improve your health and the pleasure in your life? Why do you want to be here? What do you want more of to give you more of what you want? What do you want less of, which is taking away from your happiness?”

Using these built-in knobs on your head are a simple way to, find an action plan to address what might be out of balance and move forward in spite of challenging conditions. Help clear the roadmap of life by dialing down stressors and dial-up pleasure. You always knew what you had in between your ears was powerful. Now use it!

A few tools which may help the process are-

Flower essences to minimize fears- mimulus for known fears, aspen for vague, unknown fear.

Essential oils of lavender, neroli or roman chamomile to help calm and balance.

Frankincense to help love the unfolding mystery that is you.

Essential Oils and Flower Essences are available in Laurie and Robert’s online store  Use the code welcome10 at checkout, to get 10% off.

Want to learn about Earth Spirit Medicine follow the link

Want to learn more about Wise Woman Within follow the link

A Whole Lotta Shaking Going On

Follow the link below to my newsletter to read about the different astrology cycles taking place in November and December. Read the following article for Information on the current Mercury retrograde cycle

Retrograde = Review Catherine Potter

Have you ever gone to rent or purchase a property, saw a place you liked, went home thought about it and then decided to go back and have another look?

That is what planetary retrogrades are like. The planet has moved over and activated a particular area of your chart and then instead of continuing to move to the next location in your chart it stops and goes back and has another look.

What a retrograde does is prolong the time a planet spends in one area of your life and if it happens to activate a point (planet) in your natal chart the effect is stronger. That is why we notice some retrograde periods more than others.

If that activation point happens to be one that creates flow – great. If it is one that creates tension that is also good in that there is an opportunity to grow.

Retrograde periods aren’t good or bad. If a situation (positive or challenging) comes up during a retrograde period usually, when you take the time to reflect, you will see it isn’t new you are simply noticing something that was already present.

Mercury is retrograde from November 16 until December 6 at 13˚ of Sagittarius → 27˚ of Aries.

A couple of points to note regarding Mercury. One, Mercury is the fastest moving planet, therefore we typically notice its influence for a couple of days unless it retrograde and then it’s influence is longer.

Two, Mercury is the planet that retrogrades the most amount of times in a year. The outer planets are retrograde for longer periods of time anywhere from approx. 4- 6 months whereas Mercury retrogrades about 3 times a year for 3 weeks.

Each one of the planets represents a particular type of energy and activity. Mercury noted as a link and a messenger is associated with the part of the mind connected to reasoning, interpretation and communication. Its association with communication refers to both incoming and outgoing.

In the body, it relates to messages that go from the brain via the nervous system to organs, muscles, glands, tissues, nerves, cells and returns their messages back to the brain.

The shadow side of Mercury is it moves super fast so challenges involve overstimulation and misinformation. When that happens the ability to reason, interpret and communicate becomes impaired. That can happen in the mind and in the body.

Following are a few things to look at during the retrograde period.

  1. During the retrograde notice what area of your life gets highlighted. It is a good time to review where communication or lack of,  faulty thinking or timing is off.
  2. It’s best not to sign important documents but if you must check things over thoroughly.
  3. When possible hold off making significant purchase particularly those involving electronics.
  4. Rest, renew, relax. It is a great time to give your self a mental break. Do you have enough quiet time in your week for reflection and rest?
  5. If you are traveling during the retrograde re-check reservations to make sure they are still in place. Also, take a carry on bag in case your luggage decides to travel to a different location.

Want to learn more about Astrology click here

Year of the Earth Pig

Skye MacLachlan

On February 4th, 2019, we welcome the Chinese Year of the Earth Pig/Boar.  In Chinese Astrology it’s important to step into the New Year with a specific attitude or energetic approach.  What initially may present as a challenging year can be flipped into a positive year when the correct attitude/visualization is applied based on your Chinese astrological animal.

As well, each year the Chinese Zodiac Animals have lucky colors and a color that they should avoid, these are listed with your animal.

Pig/Boar: Your joy and confidence will grow as you are willing to face and overcome personal obstacles and challenges.  If you don’t give up, all things are possible.  Stay focused on your goals and your luck will soar.  Lucky Colors: yellow, red, white.  Unlucky Color: black.

Rat: Visualize a golden ladder between your earthly home and the heavens.  Know that kind spiritual helpers will float down this ladder to open positive new doors in your life, especially related to career opportunities.  Be bold and dream big this year.  Lucky Colors: pink, blue, white.  Unlucky Color: beige.

Ox: Before each choice and/or decision, connect with your inner world.  Notice what occurs within as you imagine making a particular choice.  Which choice brings greater light and joy?  Now move in that direction, even if you only take a tiny step.  Remember that every huge achievement is composed of many tiny steps. Lucky Colors: yellow, green, red.  Unlucky Color: black.

Tiger: Develop your ability to listen, assess and watch for signs.  If you speak without thinking, opportunities will slip away.  As your mind becomes clear and discerning, your goals will easily fall into place.  Lucky Colors: red, white, beige.  Unlucky Color: cyan.

Rabbit: Visualize three lucky stars shining above you and lighting your path.  Stay present with each step you take and don’t cut corners or take short cuts.  The willingness to open your heart and ask for help will activate the most bountiful rewards from your lucky stars.  Lucky Colors: yellow, orange, green.  Unlucky Color: white.

Dragon: Connecting with the right people will totally transform your life in 2019.  Each night as you fall asleep, reflect on the people you spent time with and even those you may have noticed out of the corner of your eye during the day.  Each morning ask to be guided to relationships that are helpful and supportive.  Stay open hearted and responsive to those around you and expect miracles to unfold.  Lucky Color: pink, white, blue.  Unlucky Color: cyan.

Snake: An attitude of perseverance, kindness and patience are the golden keys that will open many hidden treasures for you this year.  Avoid impatience, anger and short lived pleasures.  Patiently stay focused on uplifting thoughts and positive affirmations.  Lucky Color: red, green, brown.  Unlucky Color: black.

Horse: This is a truly auspicious and blessed year for you.  To reap the deepest rewards, create a playful game where you send blessings to everyone and everything that crosses your path each day.  All of the positive blessings you give will create a life filled with bountiful joyous miracles.  Lucky Color: pink, white, red.  Unlucky Color: black.

Sheep/Goat: This is a year to put ‘you’ first.  Take the time to implement practices that restore your energy and fill you with confidence.  Your wellbeing is the most important goal for you to achieve this year.  Make a list of everything, big and small, that brings you joy.  Spend 2019 fulfilling as many things as possible from this list.  Lucky Color: blue, red, yellow.  Unlucky Color: green.

Monkey: You have many lucky stars blessing you this year.  Begin the year by creating a list of all the goals you’d like to achieve.  Each morning and evening, imagine how you’ll feel as these dreams manifest.  As you stay in this positive, good feeling zone, you’ll be amazed by how easily everything falls into place.  Each time you achieve a goal, take some money and drop it along the street.  As you bring others joy, your life will shine even more brightly.  Lucky Color: yellow, pink, white.  Unlucky Color: cyan.

Rooster: This is a year for self-improvement and self-development.  What have you always longed to experience or do?  Give yourself the gift of time to explore new paths and honor unfulfilled dreams.  If you make self-development a priority, you’ll feel renewed and capable of achieving great results in future years.  And remember, many successful businesses began through exploring a secret longing.  Lucky Color: orange, cyan, pink.  Unlucky Color: black.

Dog: It’s important for you to slow down and make this a year to focus on renewal of your body, mind and spirit.  Use your imagination to create a peaceful and beautiful inner paradise that you go to regularly, a place where you can wash away small problems and develop a deep sense of inner peace.  Eat delicious healthy food and enjoy stretching your body every day.   Lucky Color: pink, beige, blue.  Unlucky Color: green.

My Chinese New Year’s talk will be on Monday, February 4th @ 6:30pm, 2019.  The evening will include information about the year ahead, detailed personal and Chinese animal forecasts, Feng Shui cures and prizes for everyone.  If you’d like to purchase a ticket (it sells out every year so don’t wait until the last week), email myself at

May you and your loved ones enjoy a year of peace and auspicious blessings in 2019!



January, February 2019

Tuesdays, January 29 – February 19, 2019  6-9 pm

Introduction to the Astrological Signs with Ali-sun Morgon

For more information follow the link


February – May 2019

Practical Mysticism Workshops with Catherine Potter

 Applied Metaphysics    February – May 2019

Be prepared to roll up your sleeves, experiment and play with natural laws, the nature of reality and the awareness of the universe as a responsive, creative, field of energy.

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May 2019

3 day- workshop 

May 31, June 1, June 2, 2019

Practical Mysticism Workshops with Catherine Potter

Meditation, Mindfulness & Intuition

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Distance Learning

Learn In Your Own Time

Practical Potions Levels 1 and 2

Astrological Foundations

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July, August, September 2019

July 5, 6, 2019

Symbols That Shape Our Lives – Skye Maclachlan

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July 11, 12, 13, 14, 2019

Introduction to Herbal Medicine with Robert Rogers

28 hours  

Follow the link for more information

Saturday, August 3, 2019

The Magic of Regional Mushrooms with Robert Rogers

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Start Date: September 7, 2019 – 9am-3pm

Birth Your Genius with Laurie Szott Rogers

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