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The Northern Star News Spring 2019 - Northern Star College


Spring 2019

A warm welcome,

As always things have been lively at Northern Star College. We’ve been busy with teaching as well as projects that keep us learning and growing.

Robert has been a “guy on the go” with the development of his new line of mushroom essences. Read Laurie’s article for information about the mushroom world and if you like the idea of learning more about mushrooms scroll down to the calendar for information on Robert’s mushroom walk.

Catherine is about to embark on a new venture with weekly audio podcasts starting May 6th. If you want to learn more about the holistic mind and the interconnection of all things join her and her fascinating weekly guests. The topics and guests will be announced weekly on our social media platforms.

Laurie and Skye have not yet announced projects or classes they are working on so check back to see what they have been playing with…

For information on our Spring and Summer workshops scroll down to the calendar.

For those of you who have inquired about certificate programs for 2019/2020 please keep checking back or email Nicole with your email address and we will put you on our contact list.

Scroll down to read articles by the teachers and the calendar.

Enjoy the blossoming spring!



Mushroom Essences -Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Laurie Szott-Rogers

Mushroom essences are a brand new vibrational therapy, using the vibration of the mushroom, rather than the physical substance. They are created on the Canadian Prairies. They are much like flower essences, but made with mushrooms, rather than plants.

They have been created by Robert Rogers, fungal officinado and director at Northern Star College, Earth Spirit Medicine Program.

Mushrooms represent the underworld and under-belly energy of the planet. Unlike flower essences that bring (sun)light into areas of darkness, due to the solar connection; fungi are lunar, dark and mysterious.

Like all manner of living beings, they express energetic fields, for those willing to observe, listen and feel.

In turn, this vibration can be captured and used in clinical and private psychological work. Because no physical substance remains, they can do no harm.

But in the hands of a skilled practitioner, mushroom essences may help peel away the steely bars of long-held, emotional and mental imprisonment.

By giving the soul permission to express, one can free not only themselves to be more authentic but may assist loved ones, friends, clients and patients on their own journey.

Mushroom essences bring awareness about our shadow side. They represent deep and difficult issues surrounding the “winter of the soul”.

Flower essence practitioners will find mushroom essences create synergistic potential.

Clare Harvey, an English practitioner put it well. “Mushroom essences are perfectly suited to match or complement flower essences. In these combinations, flower essences act on the emotional body, while mushroom essences carry these changes to the physical level, integrating the energy absorbed into the cells.

As mushroom essences should be tested before being used, to ensure they are a good match for the client. The user must be ready to deal with the deep issues holding them back. This process is not always comfortable.

Timing is all important when taking mushroom essences; the individual needs to be mature and strong enough to cope with the confrontation of deep issues and be able to process the information that is released.”

Never stop your medications when using this vibrational therapy.

Learn more about mushroom essences in Robert’s book- Mushroom Essences- 

Or take a walk on the wild, vibrational side and try some mushroom essences here-


Want to learn about Mushrooms follow the link


The Story of You

Catherine Potter

I enjoy helping people learn how to tap into their inner wisdom.

Whether I am giving a talk to a group that typically doesn’t think of themselves as “intuitive” or students who come to Northern Star College it is fun to see the wonder or skepticism on people’s faces when they come face to face with a previously untapped part of themselves.

We don’t need to meditate for years to tap into our inner well of wisdom and resources. We do however need to “open” or in some cases “change” our mind about ourselves. We also need to learn to trust that information that comes from within is trustworthy.

Being taught to listen to our inner voice is not necessarily a skill we were taught in our youth. Because of that, as adults, we need to teach our wonderful, flexible brain how to open those pathways in our mind and body.

The first step towards opening those pathways is learning how to build an inner relationship. What does that mean? Think about what happens when someone new in your environment first catches your attention. You either find them appealing or you don’t. If you find them appealing and decide to get to know them better, you begin to focus on them. You become more intrigued and some times even fascinated. You want to know what they like and how they think, how they feel and over time with practice you soon come to know them sometimes even better than you know yourself.

So….. if you want to learn to listen to your inner voice that would be “how” to make it happen. You treat the building of your inner relationship like a new person you are fascinated by. First, you start with attraction and then with focused intention it turns into a relationship.

Let’s explore the “why”. Why should we be attracted to going inward so we can listen to ourselves?

First, on a very basic level it gives us time to digest, assimilate, and release the vast amount of verbal and non-verbal information we take in. Sounds similar to what our body does when we take in food, doesn’t it? We digest, assimilate, keep what is nourishing and release the rest.

Second, as we go inward we learn that there is an unlimited amount of inner intelligence we have access to otherwise know as intuition. Again, we have all heard this many times. So what stops us from tapping into the well of our inner wisdom?

Often it’s because we dip in and out but don’t deepen the relationship. In other words, we don’t make the commitment. Just like an external relationship that doesn’t last we fall in and out of lust and don’t develop a lasting love.

Maybe we tried listening to our inner voice in the past and we became frightened because of old beliefs or confused because our inner voice didn’t speak in a language we understood.

One of the first things we learn once we make that commitment to go inward and listen is that some of the information we’ve been given about developing intuition is true and some doesn’t quite fit.

Why? Because we are all unique. We “take in” a piece of external information and it filters through our unique makeup.

Just like the body taking in food we first receive information and after the intake, we “assimilate” it.  The incoming information filters through our values and beliefs, our level of integration and interconnection and our worldview.

It then connects to our inner imager who gets pictures or an inner feeler who swims deeper into subtle feelings or an inner sensor who may get body messages or an inner thinker who gets streams of thoughts/ideas or an inner listener who hears vibrations and non-audible sounds.

And then we “release” the information back into the world as either something nourishing and helpful or toxic and harmful.

Even without an ounce of inner knowing and development everyone goes through the above process instinctively and unconsciously.

The difference once we take the time to develop our intuition is we learn to recognize and tap into a vast amount of information and previously untapped resources.  We become conscious and aware of our inner workings. We find out how to listen and interpret our inner messages and instinct evolves into intuition.

With awareness, we learn to act on positive information and not act on harmful information. Once that happens we can reasonably predict a brighter future.

There is an inner voice and wise person that exists within each of us. Maybe it’s time to fall in love!


Follow this link to learn more about tools to develop intuition


Raising Your Frequency

Skye MacLachlan

 I’m often asked by students and clients how to become more intuitive and how to connect with spiritual beings.

In the past I’ve prescribed exercises to open the 3rd eye.  These required daily practice and only the most devoted achieved results.

Recently I’ve discovered a new and exciting method that not only increases your intuitive abilities but also attracts greater joy and aliveness to you.  It’s called raising your frequency.  The good news is that anyone can begin this practice immediately and the results will keep you motivated and reaching for more.

First of all, what does it mean to have a higher frequency?  The higher our frequency or vibration, the more joy and love we experience in our daily lives.  Think of those days when you felt light (as in no burdens) and happy, even the most negative person couldn’t bring you down.

Learning how to live most of your days in this state indicates that you’re a high frequency person.  When I view the auric bodies of these individuals, they have clear bright colours and their aura is very large.  In this state we quite naturally receive clear intuitive flashes and perceive the support and love of spiritual beings surrounding us.

What does a lower frequency look like?  We’ve all experienced those days when nothing seems to go right and we feel irritated with everyone and everything.  That’s low frequency energy.  People who hang out in low frequency most of the time are often unhappy, judgmental of others, have a ‘victim’ mentality (it’s everyone else’s fault I feel this way) and maintain cloudy auric fields.  These are individuals who spend much of their day gossiping, complaining about others and feeling jealous of those around them.  They usually feel exhausted and surround themselves with physical clutter and other low frequency people.

At a low frequency state one’s energy is too dense and polarized to receive clear intuitive messages or connect with spiritual beings. Unfortunately many low frequency people also attract low frequency beings (sometimes called entities) who feed on their negative energy.

There are several simple practices that will bring you into a higher frequency.

Acts of kindness – Remember how good it feels to do something kind for another person, for mother earth, or for an animal?  It might be as simple as picking up a piece of garbage, smiling at a stranger, watering a thirsty tree, rescuing a stray animal, leaving a generous tip or sending a note of encouragement.  These simple acts are the fast lane to increasing your vibrational frequency.

A practice that I love to do is leaving a red envelope stuffed with fun surprises (tumbled gemstone, scratch-and-win lottery ticket, oracle card, money, uplifting note, tiny toy) in an empty bus shelter for a stranger to find.  This simple act always fills my cup with joy!

Gratitude – When we focus on the many blessings we have, this positively shifts our vibration.  A gratitude practice (perhaps a journal) is especially helpful if you tend to groan about how difficult your life is or how awful other people are.  Gratitude will crack through your dismal disposition and let the sun shine in.

Meditation – I know!  Many of you really dislike meditating or don’t feel that you have the time.  But even stopping for a few minutes to close your eyes and focus on your breath will immediately shift your vibration. This practice is transformational when you’re flying through your day and filled with stress.

If it’s hard for you to have a moment of peace to meditate, go into the bathroom and lock the door.  My 3 year old nephew did this when his baby sister came along (she cried a lot!).  He declared this time in the bathroom as, “I need my privacy”.  Children often have the natural wisdom to seek silence when life gets too chaotic.

Movement – Doing an activity that you enjoy and filling your lungs with fresh oxygen will melt stress away and raise your frequency.  This might be as simple as going for a walk or as consuming as building an ice castle.

Laughter – There are so many ways to tickle the funny bone and all of them raise your vibration.  It might be watching your favorite comedy, going to laughter yoga, spending time with lighthearted friends or reading a funny book.

Now it’s your turn, what makes you feel good?  It might be singing, dancing, gardening, spending time in nature, hanging out with children, getting creative, scrapbooking, chatting with a close friend, paying attention to the beauty around you, looking at crystals and gemstones, cooking, spending time with animals, going to church/spiritual gathering, reading a book … the possibilities are endless.

As you gently bring more of what makes you feel good into your life, your frequency will rise and you’ll become the bright light you were meant to be.  A lovely side effect of this will be increased intuitive awareness and the capacity to connect directly with spirit.  Enjoy the journey to becoming the best version of you as you activate your highest frequency!

Want to learn more about gemstones click here 




Spring/Summer 2019

May 31, June 1, June 2, 2019

3 day- workshop 

Meditation, Mindfulness & Intuition

Learn to center and tap into the well of wisdom that exists in each one of us.

Metaphysics & Mysticism Workshops with Catherine Potter

Follow the link for more information


July 5, 6, 2019

Symbols That Shape Our Lives – Skye Maclachlan

Follow the link for more details


July 11, 12 13,14, 2019

Introduction To Herbal Medicine with Robert Rogers

28 hours

Follow the link for more details


Saturday, August 3, 2019

The Magic of Regional Mushrooms with Robert Rogers

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Distance Learning

Learn In Your Own Time

Practical Potions Levels 1 and 2

Astrological Foundations

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Fall 2019

Start Date: September 7, 2019 – 9am-3pm

Birth Your Genius with Laurie Szott Rogers

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Upcoming Fall Workshops

Applied Metaphysics

Whole Health Astrology

Check back for dates……….

January 2019
Astrology for Everyone!

Weekly classes as well as full day workshops! Check back for dates and more information…….