January 2018

January is here and with it the opportunity for new beginnings.

Whether you focus on January 1st, Chinese new year, your birthday or the monthly new moon as a starting point, the teachers have written articles to help you can get off to a good start. Enjoy!

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Be Your Own Fairy God Mother- Give Yourself A Gift in 2018


Laurie Szott-Rogers


I love the forgiveness the new year brings. It is a clean slate which offers an invitation to evaluate what is and isn’t working in our lives. It is a way to gently self-correct to become our more authentic selves.



My favorite way to start the process of deciding how to move forward is to ask the question any fairy god mother would:

  1. a) What is important to me?______________________________
  2. b) How would your life be different if you had_____________, (whatever your answer is).

But, because humans are multi-layered, the first response is often just a starting point for discussion. Ask this question about 7 times, and watch the response change.

We often move from head to heart as the responses get more simple and truthful.

The resulting gem is an authentic Why, what you will get from making this change.

It is important to do this before pursuing goals which are time-consuming and a big investment. Results that come from pursuing your authentic Why, will have a better chance of satisfying you, and meeting your deeper needs.

The Intention Technique

Another method of deciding what is a worthwhile way to approach the new year is to find a word or two which represent your intention for the year. This method eliminates goals and resolutions, which both create pressure and are rarely carried out. You can find your word by doing the self-questioning, exercise above, or by looking for the nucleus of meaning in the goals you are concocting.

For example, if my resolution is to lose weight and my goals are to work out 5X a week and reduce my calorie intake by 20%, I might ask, “why do I want to lose weight and what will be different when I do”? My answer could be, “my health will increase, I will look thinner and be kinder to myself”.

Although my resolution seems sound, similar goals have not worked for me in the past. I tried this strategy before and got about 6 weeks into it when I saw limited results and gave up.

But, the intent behind it, to make healthy choices and be kind to myself is worthwhile.

So, my words for the year, which are my Why, are Kind and Healthy. My intention then becomes my mantra for the year. When I make decisions, I can filter them through these words and see if there is alignment. This feels easy to me. I have little resistance and look forward to the process.

As you move into 2018 and realign yourself in a way that brings joy and ease to your life, try these two techniques to become your own fairy godmother and give yourself what you are deeply longing for.


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All Eyes On The Sky

Catherine Potter

On Wednesday, January 31st all eyes will be watching the sky for the total eclipse of the moon.

A lunar eclipse takes place at the full moon and a solar eclipse takes place at the new moon.

We have a new moon and a full moon every month whereas eclipses only take place a couple of times a year.

Full moons tend to get noticed more than a new moon. At the full moon, the moon looks big, beautiful and mysterious therefore it catches our attention.

However, a full moon is halfway through its monthly cycle. The cycle begins with the new moon when the sun and moon are located in the same sign.

When the moon is new we don’t see it. It is only a few days after the new moon that we begin to notice a thin crescent in the sky.

From an astrological perspective, the new moon is the time to plant a seed for a goal or project you would like to see evolve over the month.

Just like the new moon, at the beginning, we don’t see an external manifestation of our seed ideas or goals. We need to nurture them with attention and congruent actions for the seeds to grow.

When a person uses the new moon as a seed time at the full moon, which is halfway through the monthly cycle (28 days), you will see a manifestation of your goal- something will have grown.

The full moon gives you an opportunity to question whether the seed you planted has had enough attention and mindful action to blossom.

At this point, you may recognize the need to make some adjustments to your thinking, emotions or actions relative to your goal.

After the full moon, the energy of the moon cycle wanes. The moon’s size appears to grow smaller until, for a couple of nights, it once again disappears ending the monthly cycle of the sun and moon relative to the earth.

In the same way, there will be a point within the month when we either see the blossoming of our goal or acknowledge that it didn’t bloom.

Pulling our energy inward we can then determine whether our timing was off or maybe we didn’t take the actions needed to bring our goal to fruition.

The next time you gaze up at a magnificent full moon enjoy and in the back of your mind ponder where and what your attention was on a couple of weeks before.

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Chinese New Year’s Luck Enhancing Ritual

Skye MacLachlan

On February 16, 2018 we welcome the Earth Dog and the Chinese Lunar New Year begins.  Here are a few steps that you can take to release the old and stagnant energy of 2017 and open space to attract better luck in the year of the Rooster.

Note: because the New Moon occurs in Alberta on February 15, this is actually the official first day of the Chinese New Year for us.  All cleaning should be completed by the evening of February 14, 2018.

Take some time to reflect on what you want to change in your life.  Then look through your home and identify items that represent the ‘old’ energy that you’re ready to kick out the door.  Gather these items and release them.  It’s important to remove them from your home before the evening of February 14, 2018.  If you have a lot of clutter (if this has been a lifelong issue), simply do as best you can to release as many items as possible.  Celebrate whatever progress you’re able to make with releasing and don’t judge yourself for what you didn’t accomplish – this will only bring negative energy into the New Year.

Now think about the new energy that you want to bring into your life in 2018.  Know that by releasing the old clutter, you’re creating space for your new goals to manifest.

Now you’re ready to do the following 10 steps to set the highest vibration for attracting auspicious energy in 2018.

  1. Give your home a thorough cleaning. Pay particular attention to mirrors, windows, doors, the stove, corners and your bedroom.  Play some uplifting music as you clean and stay positive.  Know that as you honor your home, your home will support you to manifest your wishes.  The goal is to have your home sparkling with positive energy.  You must complete this cleaning by the evening of February 14th.  It’s also okay to hire someone to clean for you.  When the New Year arrives on February 15th (which is also a new moon), you want to refrain from doing any major cleaning until the full moon on March 1st.  From new moon to full moon is when you’re attracting positive energy for the year ahead, cleaning during this time represents sweeping your good luck out the door – a bad idea!
  2. Now focus on each room in your home. Write out (in positive wording) what you’d like to manifest in each room during the Year of the Dog.  In traditional Feng Shui the kitchen symbolizes abundance, the bedroom represents marriage/attracting a partner/health, the front entrance symbolizes your whole life, the office represents your career, the living room is all about your friendships and bigger community, children’s bedrooms represent their goals and your relationship with them as a parent.  The bathroom symbolizes the ability to release all that isn’t for your highest good.  Always end your goal for each room with the words “may this or something better manifest for the highest good of all in this home”.
  3. Purchase a red envelope for each room in your home. The traditional lucky red envelopes can be purchased in China Town or you can create your own with red paper.  Write the name of the room in small letters on the back of the envelope and place your goal for that room in the envelope.  Seal each envelope.  When you’re done there should be an envelope for each room in your home.  The exception for this is if children/family members don’t want their personal room included.  Never force this process on anyone.  Place the filled envelopes away in a safe place until February 14th, New Year’s Eve.
  4. On New Year’s Eve, during the day, purchase 9 organic oranges (actually you can purchase them ahead of time but do this cure on February 14th). If you’re unable to find organic oranges then purchase essential oil of orange or blood orange.  Peel the oranges and place the skins in a bowl filled with room temperature water (spring or well water).  Let the skins sit in the water for 108 minutes, then remove the skins from the water and transfer the water into a spray bottle (preferably glass).  If you’re using essential oil, place 27 drops of the oil in about 8 ounces of water and let sit for 108 minutes; once this is transferred into a spray bottle, shake the water vigorously to disperse the oil.  Beginning at the front door and moving counter-clockwise through your home, spray a fine mist of the water throughout your home.  Pay special attention to doorways and corners.  This cleanses your home of negative chi and bad luck from the previous year.
  5. Purchase a bee’s wax tea light candle for each room. These are available at Optimum Health but phone first to make sure.  You can also use soy wax tea lights.  If you have pets or small children, place each candle in a bowl of sand beyond their reach.  Also, take care to never place a candle near a flammable item.  The candles symbolize a clear light to lead your wishes home into manifestation.  Place one candle in each room on the evening of New Year’s Eve.  The candle burns for about 4-6 hours, so light them early enough so that they will have burned completely before you go to bed.
  6. Once the candles are lit on New Year’s Eve, position each red envelope in the room indicated on the back of the envelope. Choose a placement where the envelopes can stay for a year, preferably in your line of vision.  They should never be placed below eye level or so high that they can’t be reached.  Call on all of your helpers and/or Kwan Yin, Ganesha, or the Beloved Divine to assist you in bringing all that is written in the red envelopes into manifestation if it’s for the highest good of all in the home (if you live alone, say ‘for my highest good’).
  7. At midnight, as the two years join (February 14th and 15th), blow your breath towards each red envelope (the breath of life) and visualize the wishes/goals awakening and coming to life. If you need to go to bed earlier, do this before going to bed on the evening of February 14th.
  8. On February 15th, celebrate the New Year. During the time between February 15th and March 1st, try to live a life of ease, whatever that might look like to you.  This symbolizes a year that is easy and fun.
  9. Within 30 days of the New Year, but after March 1st, make a donation or offer your volunteer service to a charitable organization (or someone in need). Do this without telling anyone and best of all, do it anonymously.  Consider this an act of gratitude for the good fortune that is heading your way.
  10. When the next New Year draws near (Feb. 4, 2019), burn the contents of the previous year’s red envelopes on New Year’s Eve. Take time to offer your gratitude to all of your helpers, both seen and unseen.  Repeat all of the above steps for the next New Year.

May the Year of the Earth Dog shower each one of you with auspicious blessings!

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