It was great seeing new and familiar faces at our January open house. As usual we are growing and making changes. Kim is working on changes to our website which will give it a new look as well as make it more mobile friendly. Desiree has been getting us set up on various social media platforms. Keep a look out for us and please pass our name along. We are interviewing for our programs (scroll down to calendar) which begin this Fall most of which only start once every three years so don't miss your chanc to enroll. If you are not interested in a full program many of the courses within a program as well as our general studies and speciality courses can be taken individually.


March 2017

It was great seeing new and familiar faces at our January open house.

As usual we are growing and making changes. Kim is working on changes to our website which will give it a new look as well as make it more mobile friendly. Desiree has been getting us set up on various social media platforms. Keep a look out for us and please pass our name along.

We are interviewing for our programs (scroll down to calendar) which begin this Fall most of which only start once every three years so don’t miss your chanc to enroll.

If you are not interested in a full program many of the courses  within a program as well as our general studies and speciality courses can be taken individually.


Most Popular Essential Oils and Flower Essences.

Laurie Szott- Rogers

Lavender Essential Oil- Lavandula Officinalis

Lavender oil is by far the best selling essential oil in aromatherapy. It is a virtual first aid kit in a bottle. One of its prized properties is its ability to regenerate skin. This makes it useful for burns. Diluted to a 5% ratio in a mild lotion or vegetable oil, it can soothe sun burned skin. If you burn yourself cooking, first run cool water over your skin, and then apply lavender oil onto the burn. It helps minimize the pain, as well as heal the damaged area It is useful for cleaning wounds. To do this put a drop on a cotton pad, and then dab gently over the sore area.

For household cleaning try adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to a sink full of hot water. Swish the dish cloth, to emulsify the oil, and then proceed with wiping. It will deter some types of bacteria. A few drops sprinkled onto a sock, or cloth in the washing machine, will freshen clothes.

At the end of the day, a drop or two of this oil added to the bath will clean skin and soothe the a ruffled psyche.

Lavender essential oil does have an “old lady rap”. As I age I appreciate this aspect. Lavender gained its reputation because it grows well in many parts of the world, including Europe, where many of our ancestors originated. The lavender we get is imported from England, France and Croatia, where some of the best varieties are harvested.

Rose Otto and Absolute- Rosa Centifollia

Rose Otto is a highly concentrated rose oil made by steam distilling the petals of the rose flower. It takes up to 75 whole rose flowers to make one drop of this precious oil.

Rose absolute is alcohol extracted and not quite as prized. Most people find the scent of the absolute exhilarating and bot the absolute and otto have been used perfumery for centuries.

Rose is associated with transcendence and spirituality since the time of goddess worship. Goddesses such as Iannana and Aphrodite are associated with this special flower. Later, Mary, mother of Jesus was often painted surrounded by roses. It is esteemed by saints, angels and fairies.

The rose is healing for the heart chakra. Apply onto this area and meditate or allow quiet time. The scent of rose facilitates communion with oneself and the divine.

Rose essential oil is also very anti-viral. A drop put on a cold sore, during the itchy stage will often deter its growth. It is useful for adding vitality back to aged skin. Add a drop to your favorite facial cream and stir in well.

Rose floral water, or hydrosol is also a treat for the face. Put a few dabs onto a cotton pad and use instead of a toner. A few drops sprayed on a hot skin will help bring coolness, making this a handy soother for menopausal flushing.

Its luxurious colors and velvety texture make it a prized garden plant. Bouquets of these flowers are given to lovers in many situations; proposals, celebrations and apologies. There is a very practical reason why rose has been used as an aphrodisiac in perfume blends. The oil put on the shoulder or neck of hopeful parents has been shown to raise both sperm count and motility! Compared to more invasive fertility procedures this is a rather pleasant way to invite in a new soul.

Rose Otto is almost unaffordable and unattainable these days. Rose absolute is available, but still very costly. Be prepared to spend at least a dollar a drop for rose oil. Remember somewhere around 75 flowers have gone into making each drop. If the oil has been diluted in anyway, its lifespan will be reduced, as carrier oils reduces its stability.

Essential oils should never be applied straight onto skin. Dilute to a 1-5% ratio in a vegetable oil, or lotion before application. Do not drink the oils, as due to their potency, even a small amount of some are toxic. Do not use during the first 3 months of pregnancy. Do not use on babies. Epileptic, asthmatic and allergic individuals need to use with care and discretion.

Flower Essences

Although the name causes people to confuse flower essences with essential oils, they are quite different. Flower essences are a vibrational medicine, similar to homeopathy. The flower petals are floated on spring water, on a sunny day and an elixir, mixed with brandy is bottled from this mix. The flower essences are then taken internally under the tongue to address emotional and soul patterns. Unlike essential oils, flower essences have no scent, (except for brandy, and may be taken internally). The Bach essences founded by Dr. Bach, an esteemed physician and homeopath were introduced in England over 100 years ago. Since then other flower essence developers have used plants from their area to create a regional solution.

White Chestnut Flower Essence- Aesculus hippocastanum

White Chestnut is one of Healing Herbs, most popular flower essences. It is useful for mental overload. This is the essence to take if you perpetually create lists in your head, or if your sleep is interrupted by thinking of all the things you should do tomorrow. A few drops of this essence taken orally may help relieve this pattern. It is recommended for internal chatter of any type, which makes it useful before a meditation. White chestnut may not magically relieve all the chatter, but may help uncover the deeper reasons for the pattern.

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Shungite EMF Protection Stone

Skye MacLachlan

Over the last few years I’m often asked about stones that offer protection from electromagnetic fields.  I’ve experimented with many.  The one that I’ve found to be most effective, while still being affordable, is shungite.

Shungite is a very ancient stone (perhaps the oldest on our planet) and is only found in one place, the Russian area of Karelia. This deposit of shungite fills 3,475 square miles, a huge area.  Fortunately for us, it’s relatively easy to purchase at locations such as Ascendant Books in Edmonton.

A two inch sphere of shungite will offer a 12 foot radius of EMF protection.  The sphere is the most effective shape because the protective shield radiates equally in all directions.

Researchers are finding that shungite also offers a host of other health benefits, but I’ll save this research for another article.  For now, try placing a shungite sphere in the same room as your computer and see how you feel.  Or, you might pop a smaller sphere into your pocket to protect you when using your cell phone.  Enjoy the protection of an ancient earth helper, shungite!

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Mercury Retrograde

Retrograde = Review Catherine Potter

Have you ever gone to rent or purchase a property, saw a place you liked, went home thought about it and then decided to go back and have another look?

That is what planetary retrogrades are like. The planet has moved over and activated a particular area of your chart and then instead of continuing to move to the next location in your chart it stops and goes back and has another look.

What a retrograde does is prolong the time a planet spends in one area of your life and if it happens to activate a point (planet) in your natal chart the effect is stronger. That is why we notice some retrograde periods more than others.

If that activation point happens to be one that creates flow – great. If it is one that creates tension that is also good in that there is an opportunity to grow.

Retrograde periods aren’t good or bad. If a situation (positive or challenging) comes up during a retrograde period usually, when you  take the time to reflect, you will see it isn’t new you are simply noticing something that was already present.

Venus is about to go retrograde on March 4th until April 15th  at 13˚ of Aries → 26˚ of Pisces.

A couple of points to note regarding Venus. One, Venus is a faster moving planet therefore we typically notice its influence for a couple of days as a beneficial, harmonious or potentially over-indulgent energy. Two, Venus only retrogrades every 584 days so it doesn’t retrograde every year.

Each one of the planets represents a particular type of energy and activity. Venus is associated with love attraction, beauty, peace and has a balancing, mellowing and harmonizing influence.  Venus doesn’t use a hammer to get what it wants it uses  diplomacy and persuasion.

The shadow side of Venus is overindulgence be it regarding food, money, or anything sensual.

Venus also relates to our relationships as well as things we value (including self values). In other words, somewhere lying beneath the things and people we attract lies a mirror reflecting back our values. That can be either scary or positive depending if you like what is being mirrored back.

Generally speaking, when Venus retrogrades we have an opportunity to re-valuate what our relationship dynamics are and what that reflects back about our relationship to self so it can be a insightful period.

Following are a few things to look at during the retrograde period.

  1. What and who are you investing your time, energy and resources in?
  2. Are those investments of time and energy creating a greater sense of “right relationship” with your self and others?
  3. Do you have enough pleasurable, peace-filled, harmonious periods in your everyday life. (not just vacation times.)
  4. Is there a significant relationship that needs some time and attention?
  5. Are the arguments and debates you’ve been involved in promoting win/win scenarios or winners/losers? This point is very important during this particular retrograde.
  6. If old relationships of any type resurface during the retrograde period is there unfinished business? (see point #2)
  7. If situations around finances or health surface during this period or need to be relooked at ponder what they may reflect back regarding your values.
  8. If you know where Venus is retrograding in your personal chart apply the above questions to that area of your life.

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