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Hope you are all enjoying the Spring weather . Do you think the fluctuations in weather teach us to stay flexible in our bodymind as well as help us learn to not be overly influenced by external forces?

If nature had a voice it might say ” This is the weather situation today how you choose to respond or feel about it is up to you”. By the way in my mind ( it’s Catherine writing the newsletter) Nature had a tone in her voice when she made the previous statement.

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What Helps Us  Learn?           Laurie Szott-Rogers

I have been teaching alternative health and women’s self- development courses for many years. Many teaching theories have come and some have gone in that time.

I have come to a few conclusions about learning-This is a small list of what comes to mind at this very minute. I bet you can think of many more variables that help strengthen memory.

 Everyone is individual and how they learn is personal. Yet, we have many things in common.

1)The space should be safe and quiet.

2) If students can let go of outside pressures and attune to what is happening in class, focus is enhanced. This means leaving cell phones out of the class and not getting distracted with google and other social media during the class.

3) Words and pictures are wonderful and are the first building blocks of learning.

4) Watching and doing are where the rubber hits the road and helps the information to stick. Making mistakes is a vital part of learning, it is how we cover the real life bases. Mistakes bring in emotion and this can really help reinforce memory.

5) Repetition is important. I like to tell stories more than once, repeat ideas until they become familiar. This is how we grow neurons to make information accessible.

6) Train over time. Although, one- off,  week-end courses are exhilarating, teaching a subject over time allows it to sink in. Students get a chance to try things and make them their own. This is why I love three year programs. Students are apprentices and have the opportunity to learn more deeply. This is what is really missing in our become an expert in a day, faced pace society.

7) Establish community. Spending time together over the years coupled with more student involvement, allows trust to develop. Students see each other as resources and experts. They also watch other student’s vulnerability and see growth emerge.  This also takes time and a safe environment. It is on this trusted soil where many, long lasting relationships develop.

8) Building community with others who share your odd interests- this variable is important, because we have a chance to find real community, based on our authenticity. No covering, not addiction oriented, but community that sometimes shares true soul interests and the drive toward growth.   

There are many other factors that affect learning and memory, but I thought I would start with these. Here’s to your growth and life-long quests!

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Mercury Retrograde

Retrograde = Review Catherine Potter

Have you ever gone to rent or purchase a property, saw a place you liked, went home thought about it and then decided to go back and have another look?

That is what planetary retrogrades are like. The planet has moved over and activated a particular area of your chart and then instead of continuing to move to the next location in your chart it stops and goes back and has another look.

What a retrograde does is prolong the time a planet spends in one area of your life and if it happens to activate a point (planet) in your natal chart the effect is stronger. That is why we notice some retrograde periods more than others.

If that activation point happens to be one that creates flow – great. If it is one that creates tension that is also good in that there is an opportunity to grow.

Retrograde periods aren’t good or bad. If a situation (positive or challenging) comes up during a retrograde period usually, when you  take the time to reflect, you will see it isn’t new you are simply noticing something that was already present.

Mercury is retrograde from April 9th until May 3rd  at 4˚ of Taurus → 24˚ of Aries.

A couple of points to note regarding Mercury. One, Mercury is the fastest moving planet therefore we typically notice its influence for a couple of days unless it retrograde and then it’s influence is longer.

Two, Mercury is the planet that retrogrades the most amount of times in a year. The outer planets are retrograde for longer periods of time anywhere from  approx. 4- 6 months whereas Mercury retrogrades about 3 times a year for 3 weeks.

Each one of the planets represents a particular type of energy and activity. Mercury, noted as a link and a messenger, is associated with the part of the mind connected to reasoning, interpretation and communication. It’s association with communication refers to both incoming and outgoing.

In the body it relates to messages that go from the brain via the nervous system to organs, muscles, glands, tissues, nerves, cells and returns their messages back to the brain.

The shadow side of Mercury is  it moves super fast so challenges involve overstimulation and mis-information. When that happens the ability to reason, interpret and communicate becomes impaired . That can happen in the mind and in the body.

Following are a few things to look at during the retrograde period.

  1. During the retrograde notice what area of your life gets highlighted. It is a good time to review where communication or lack of,  faulty thinking or timing is off.
  2. It’s best not to sign important documents but if you must check things over thoroughly.
  3. When possible hold off making significant purchase particularly those involving electronics.
  4. Rest, renew, relax. It is a great time to give your self a mental break. Do you have enough quiet time in your week for reflection and rest?
  5. If you are travelling during the retrograde re-check reservations to make sure they are still in place. Also take a carry on bag in case your luggage decides to travel to a different location.

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Shungite EMF Protection Stone    Skye MacLachlan

Over the last few years I’m often asked about stones that offer protection from electromagnetic fields.  I’ve experimented with many.  The one that I’ve found to be most effective, while still being affordable, is shungite.

Shungite is a very ancient stone (perhaps the oldest on our planet) and is only found in one place, the Russian area of Karelia. This deposit of shungite fills 3,475 square miles, a huge area.  Fortunately for us, it’s relatively easy to purchase at locations such as Ascendant Books in Edmonton.

A two inch sphere of shungite will offer a 12 foot radius of EMF protection.  The sphere is the most effective shape because the protective shield radiates equally in all directions.

Researchers are finding that shungite also offers a host of other health benefits, but I’ll save this research for another article.  For now, try placing a shungite sphere in the same room as your computer and see how you feel.  Or, you might pop a smaller sphere into your pocket to protect you when using your cell phone.  Enjoy the protection of an ancient earth helper, shungite!

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JULY 2017

July 9th

GRADUATION DAY for our 2014-2017 programs.                                 

July 19- 23

Click for Introduction To Plant Medicine  Robert Rogers 


 August 2017

The Northern Star Mystical Annual Summer Camp    August 4- 8, 2017

A downsized version of the popular general studies.Details to come…….


SEPTEMBER 1-3  Diploma programs and general studies begin.

Whichever one of our programs you are enrolled in, Astrology, Earth Spirit Medicine or Crystalline Gemstone Therapist program, if you are in the diploma program, this is your start date.

Many of the general study courses, which are student favorites, are are open to the general public. Click on the picture to get more information.


  September 8-10

Click for information Earth Spirit Medicine Certificate program begins.

TAROT LEVEL 1 begins in September. Check back for further details.

October 2017

 October 20th

Click for information Embodied Astrology certificate program begins.

January 2018

ClickWise Woman Within Certificate program begins.

Crystalline Gemstone Therapist Certificate program begins.

 Applied Metaphysics  with Catherine Potter January 2018

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