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It is back to school for our Earth Spirit Medicine and Embodied Astrology students who start year two of their 3-year programs. Welcome back!

For those of you who are new to our school or returning to take another program, this Fall we have a variety of both in-class and distance learning programs available.

One spot has come available in Introduction to Flower Essences. Contact the school if you are interested.

Would you like to start or deepen a meditation practice as well as learn to listen to and use intuition in daily life? In October we have a three-day weekend course Meditation, Mindfulness and Intuition.

If you are interested in Gemstones the 3-year Crystalline Gemstone Therapist certificate program begins this October.

Does the study of oracles appeal? In October the three-year Tarot Certificate program starts.

For those of you who are curious about astrology in January, there is 4-week Introduction to the Astrological Signs.

If you have a desire to begin or further your studies in astrology the Embodied Astrology certificate program begins September 2019.

Does the study of Metaphysics and Mysticism appeal to you? The 4-month course Metaphysics and Practical Mysticism starts again February 2019.

Are you interested in distance learning? A sensual experience awaits for those who want to learn about Aromatherapy. Practical Potions 1 and 2 can be taken at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

For the budding astrologer who wants to learn about astrology in a holistic manner the distance learning course, Astrological Foundations is available on September 21st.

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Dreams Your Personal Oracle

Laurie Szott-Rogers

Last night was a mystical opening in my life. I was sitting in the middle of a field and a mandala formed underneath me. Each part of it was a living flower. Each flower was whole unto itself, but together the flowers formed a living pattern that was a huge eye- I thought- the eye of the cosmos.

Have you ever had an evening like that? I’m sure many of your nights have been filled with the intrigue of a James Bond film, the comedy of a Woody Allen play, or the horror of a Dracula movie.  Dreams are like that, full of emotion, action and intrigue.

What do you think of these nightly episodes? How do you treat them?

Does their slippery, shape-shifting quality baffle you?  You are not alone if you are uncertain.    In our society, even the experts disagree.  Dreams are described as everything from oracular wisdom to the output of garbage by esteemed scholars.

On the other hand, in some “more primitive societies” dreams are thought to be as real as daily life.  Their messages were used to influence decisions, while special dreams were revered as advice from holy beings.  In our society, where we tend to call on specialists to fix our computers, cars, homes and our psyches, it is logical that we would ignore this complex, but intuitive inner voice.

Yet, like frustrated geniuses everywhere, undervalued by their own society, dreams are our own personal counselors; ready to advise and even predict on a nightly basis.

Much good advice comes from our dreams. If we are willfully sticking with something that is wrong for us in our daily lives, our dreams will warn us about how we really feel.  Have you ever been awakened from a nightmare? These scary dreams are telling us something is askew in our daily life- something that we may not be paying enough attention to in daytime.

Yet, if we ignore the guidance of our inner advisor there are usually consequences. For example, have you ever persisted in dating someone you know is bad for you? Have you ever taken a job that paid well, but was wrong for you? Although, you may have a myriad of reasons for doing this in waking life, in dreamtime the gloves of deception are off and the bare hands of inner truth emerge.

It’s best to pay attention at this point and listen to the inner dreamer, for without her you could be on a collision course.

How do you shed light on the obscure messages of dreams? How do you clarify what they are saying? Why are horses purple while people have two heads?  Why do you show up naked for an exam? To wish to listen is the first step.

Learning the language of dream work does take patience and deep attention. Dream messages are sometimes literal, but more often metaphorical. It is a language that will take you deeper into yourself, further into your wisdom.

The dreamer responds well to sincerity, to being told that her messages are valued. (I refer to the dreamer as her, because she is usually the feminine side of the male and female psyche).

To get her attention, aim for a good night’s rest. Sleep close to a dream journal and pen. When you awaken write down anything that comes to mind. If you remember a full dream great, if you remember only a fragment or impression, write it down.

Read the dream back to yourself. Does it resonate with anything in your life? Is its emotional tone like any other situation you are dealing with?  If you are uncertain about what the dream means, but it has the feeling of importance you may wish to take a course on dream work or seek out a dream worker.

Dream workers may guide you into the world of symbolism and help to unlock your own dream language. Gleaning insights from a dream dictionary is, in my opinion, less than optimal. The dream dictionary may carry a few clues about how society interprets a symbol, but humans are more complicated than that. Our own inner dream language begins to form with our first experience. This symbolism predates learning one’s mother tongue.

The language is encoded with feelings and memories. This treasure is accessible but recovering it may require a mythic journey into your own psyche.

A dream worker can ask questions that facilitate the journey and provide a key to your inner dream map.  They can guide you through your dream images using techniques that illuminate the relevance of each person, setting and action in your dream.

Learning the language allows you to find answers and teaches you to question your own dreamer in a way that allows her to be heard.

In this world of busyness, materialism and experts, isn’t it nice to know that the answers are right inside you and one way to access them is through your inner dream oracle?

Take the journey, allow her to reward you with dreams, wisdom and a pathway into your deepest core.

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Using Tarot to Align With Your Soul Purpose

Skye MacLachlan

This is a fun tarot exercise that offers guidance about the energy you need more of in your life (good medicine) and what you need less of (bad medicine).  As you do this exercise, you will quite naturally come into alignment with your soul path and purpose.

You’ll need a tarot deck for this exercise.  Take the minor cards from the deck and place them in a separate pile.  These will be the cards that are numbered Ace through 10 in each of the four tarot suits: pentacles, swords, cups and wands.  Set aside the major arcana cards (numbered 0-21) and the court cards (page, knight, queen and king); you won’t be using these cards for this exercise.

You should now have a pile of 40 minor arcana cards.  The minor arcana represent our day to day activities.  These are the energies that we have the greatest power to influence, through our choices, the people we surround ourselves with and the attitude we bring to life circumstances.

Take time to look through the 40 minor arcana cards and set aside the cards that you’re very attracted to in one pile.  In another pile place the cards that you don’t like.  A third pile will collect the cards that you feel neutral towards.  Trust your first impressions, try not to think too deeply about why you like or dislike each card.  And definitely don’t look up the meaning of the cards to guide your choices.  Stay confident that you know what you like and don’t like.

Now take the pile of cards you’re attracted to and lay them out so you see the images.  Glance over the cards and pick your top three, the ones you love the most.  Do the same with the cards you don’t like, choose the three you dislike most.

The three cards you like best are indicators of what you are longing for, the good medicine that will bring you into balance with your soul’s purpose.  Write down what attracts you about each of these cards.  You might like to meditate with each card separately and receive even deeper awareness.  Notice if these cards remind you of something in your own life.  If possible, leave these three cards (or copies of them) out where you can see them throughout your day.  As you receive greater insights about your attraction to these cards, you’ll quite naturally begin to integrate more of this ‘good medicine’ energy into your life.

Now look at the three cards that you dislike.  Make notes about what you see in the cards that feels unattractive to you.  Be as honest as possible and don’t try to sweeten your language.  Ask yourself if these cards mirror anything in your own life that feels burdensome to you.  Honor that these cards represent energies or areas of life that are toxic to you at this time, areas that you don’t need to focus on, the ‘bad medicine’ that you want to avoid.  Give yourself permission to say ‘no’ to these energies.

This is a powerful exercise that should be repeated at most, every few months.  It’s especially potent to do on your birthday, at the turning of the year, during times of great change, or when you feel stuck and stagnant.  Remember that for this exercise there are no good or bad cards.  Trust that your inner awareness knows what attracts and repels you.  What you like and dislike reflects the needs of your spirit and offers powerful guidance about the direction you need to move towards, the decisions that honor who you truly are and what brings you into alignment with your soul purpose.

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Autumn 2018

October 12, 13, 14

Catherine Potter offers a three-day workshop which will help you start or deepen a meditation and mindfulness practice as well as learn simple techniques to unlock your intuition.

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October 2018

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October 2018


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The course consists of 12 hours of in-class instruction in a group setting. It aims to build your astrological language and confidence using a step-by-step approach, covering the symbols, elements, modes, and archetypes.

Students will have the opportunity to relate information back to their own chart each class as an introductory interpretation tool and to gain greater clarity about themselves and the material.

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Catherine Potter offers a 4- month course which takes you into the metaphysical and mystical realms.

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