See what our students have to say

“Northern Star College has been one of the best choices I have made for myself, period.

“Though I loved university, when I began the Earth Medicine program I experienced a type of education that integrated every level of my being. My main thought as I was going through the program was: “I do not want this to end.” When I graduated from plant medicine, I continued with the Intuitive Counseling Program program  and am set up to enter the Astrology program next time around. Each course I have taken has been deeply fulfilling in its own unique way.

Northern Star has given me the opportunity for tremendous internal growth, and this has greatly benefited my mothering skills, my marriage, and my career. Since graduating we have created a new section of our business that was molded completely around what I learned in the program. I am most grateful for the panel of teachers this college offers. Their level of mastery of their subjects is completely aspirational.”

~ Nicola Biggs, BA, IT
Owner of KolyaDaySpa.com, EarthsAromatique.com, OptimumHealthVitamins.com


“I live/love Astrology! It has proven to be the most dynamic and rewarding study of my life.”

“Being a passionate advocate of the ancient adage “Know Thyself”, I found that the Astrology course fulfilled that pursuit as nothing else has. It brought me to a much broader level of self-understanding and along with that came the deeper and most treasured understanding of others.”

~ Elizabeth Pawluk


“If you get the chance to go to the college seize the opportunity, you will not regret it.”

“One of the best decisions I ever made was to go to Northern Star Mystical College. The instructors are dedicated, knowledgeable and very approachable. In the last two years, I have learned so much and made some really good friends. It is a terrific learning environment and nice to share this with people who have common interests.”

~ Mary Sheehan-Harris


“Northern Star College has opened my intuition in many ways and I use all of the knowledge in my daily life and in my work as a landscape designer.

“The Feng Shui program at the Northern Star College taught me how to interpret the energies of my environment and how to create harmony and flow in problematic areas. My teacher is a wonderful mystical instructor.”

~ Adele B. Goodwin, BSc (Agr) Landscape Horticulture, Landscape Designer, Shamanic Artist


“The Goddess course has been fabulous for me.”


I have a long- standing interest in learning about women and how we came to be oppressed, and treated as a minority, in our own culture. I learned to look at myths and fairy tales to see how women have been discounted, and also to learn about the wonderful variety of possibilities there are for expressing our feminine natures. With eyes wide open to the past, I hope to help weave a future with more options for women.”

~ Marie Tovell Walker, Registered Nurse (retired) and Feminist Theologian; Lifelong student of spirituality & mythology


“The teachings have allowed me to begin to create my own career in the Plant Medicine world.”

“Going to the Northern Star College has not only brought me deeper knowledge of the amazing Mother Earth that we live with and upon, but with the guidance and support of the teachers within, I have re-awakened a connection with myself. This connection I will grow with and deepen into, as I continue to study at The Northern Star, and as I walk my path in life. I am also fortunate enough to be able to live and work with the knowledge I received in the Earth Spirit Medicine program. I now share, teach, and continue to learn about the Earth and all her offerings within the walls of Optimum Health Vitamins & Earths Aromatique. I am eternally thankful and grateful for the learning and knowledge that I have received thus far through my studies, and I am looking forward to the many more years I plan to be at this amazing school, with the best teachers I have had thus far!”

~ Sara Pedscalny, Integrative Therapist


“Attending the NSC has been the enlightening experience of my life both personally and professionally.”

Learning to harmonize my inner and outer world through Feng Shui, Goddess, Dreamwork and Intuitive Counselling,http://northernstarcollege.com/program/programs/intuitive-counselling-program/ and Flower Essence have all been very powerful in my everyday life. Also the awareness of the levels of consciousness I’ve learned from Hypnotherapy has had a profound effect. I feel blessed to have this school to go to.”

~ Jeong-Ae Lalonde, Proprietor of Artifacts. Certificate in Feng Shui, current student in Intuitive Counselling and Hypnosis


“The programs are taught with integrity, creativity, and passion for excellence.”

“My experience, both personally and professionally was enlightening, fulfilling, and empowering.”

~ Terri Ehlert, Astrologer


“My experience at the College was like an elixir for me.”

As a Native that has been of the medicine lineage and then taking Science at the University, it left me confused as to how it could all blend together. The instruction in the Herbology course was exactly what I needed to make it all work for me in a way that satisfied my love for Science and a respect for my deep cultural roots. Awesome!”

~ Brenda Holder


“After graduating I feel that the opportunities are endless.”

“I have the confidence and experiential education to further my clinical work as a certified Herbalist. I am also on my entrepreneurial way towards developing my own practice. Even in the first few months of the Earth Medicine program I found myself using the educational tools; getting to know myself. The inter-personal skills learned are important in relating to a customer in the busy retail environment that I am apart of at Optimum Health Vitamins. The college and the professors have a great reputation in the community; this has shown in the increasing referrals and my clientele’s confidence towards me. There is emphasis on both education and spiritual development. The teachers are incredible. Much love and gratitude.”

~ Elaine Doucette, Integrative Therapist, Certified Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Iridologist, Flower Essence Practitioner, Biomeridian Technician


“I started out taking classes and ended up making changes in my life.”

~ Laurie Forchuk